Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Julian Waldron

I think it will be a little therapeutic for me to write about this. Our little baby boy was born on Friday at 3:54 pm. He is so perfect and beautiful but is currently in the NICU at primaries children hospital. He is looking so good now but he stopped breathing on Sunday and the doctors have been running test after to test to make sure that he is okay and to try to figure out the cause. It has been the scariest thing that has ever happened in my entire life. I can't believe how precious one little baby could be our how much such a tiny person could capture my heart but he has. We have been hoping and praying that everything will go well but the uncertainty of everything is more than I ever thought that my heart would or could ever bare but I feel like God is with us and that he loves us and our little boy so much.


  1. so precious ! he is so sweet and i cant wait to meet him and I am so glad everything is going well, we were very worried. thinking about you love you guys!

  2. Aaron e Julia...
    que surpresa tão boa abrir o vosso blog e ver um anjo tão lindo e fofinho.
    Fiquei tão feliz!!!!!!

  3. He is such a beautiful child. I'm glad to hear he is looking better, Primary Childrens has the best care around. He is in good hands! I hope you two are handling everything are both amazing!