Monday, November 26, 2012

November in a nutshell

Julian's first snowman...

I can't believe that November is already almost over.  This month has been so packed with fun and projects.  We are in a rush to get ready for Christmas and the baby and I can't believe that either of them are so close to being here.  So I have seriously kind of not been been keeping track this pregnancy about how far along I am, but now that it is just over a month a way the alarm bells are going off in my head because this kid is coming soon!!!  Time to get ready:)  Since it is baby number two we don't have as many things to get together as last time and seriously the main thing we are trying to do is get the house sort of in order before the baby comes so that we can just enjoy our baby and our home but here's hoping everything works out...  Besides that fun stuff we had such a good time celebrating Julian's birthday and spending time with family for Thanksgiving.  We had all of our family over for Julian's B-day and he had such a blast playing with his cousins and just having fun running around.  The most magical moment though was when I brought out his birthday cake to him and everyone was singing happy birthday to him.  He had this look of sheer happiness and excitement on his face I wish I could have gotten a picture of it, but it was priceless! Here is a pic of Julian's dinosaur cake that amazingly turned out sort of looking like a dinosaur.  Julian is still eating it everyday...

and some more birthday pics:

And for an hour after everyone left Julian walked around this table with his trains, like a train zombie that couldn't be stopped ;D

A few more pics from this month.  Fall has been such a fun time for us...

Julian has a great love of scarves. If he sees me put one on he starts crying till he gets one too.


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