Friday, December 4, 2009


We had an awesome Thanksgiving. We hung out with Aaron's family on Wednesday, which was really nice and had a wonderful feast, and then Erik (my brother) came into town for the weekend and we ate Thanksgiving dinner with my family on Thursday. Erik and Aaron went snowboarding on Friday and I did homework, uhgg... but the day ended with Rodizio which might be a bit tastier than Tucanos... but was amazing. I don't have any pics unfortunaltey except for one that Erik took of Aaron snowboarding. The next day was pretty relaxing but we watched the Utah v. BYU game. Holy Cow!!! It was like watching a three legged horse run the Kentucky Derby. I assume the Utes are trying to season up Wynn, and didn't mind leaving him in a game... Anyway- I am over it now, or I was till Max said that the "whole university is classless." That was unfortunate news to me because I happen to attend that University but I guess you can't win them all. Next time I win something I'll try to point out how unworthy the other side was of winning and maybe that will make me more classy... Anyway, enough with politics, here is that pic Erik took with his Blackberry- also here is a pic of the lights on temple Square, we went and saw them Thanksgiving weekend.

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