Sunday, January 23, 2011

A lot of Firsts

Julian turned two months this week and he is getting even bigger. We weighed him last week and he was 15 pounds! He doesn't eat all the time for nothing:) So today we took him to church for the very first time and took him in the stroller. It was such a beautiful day and we only had to walk out of sacrament meeting with him once, so I thought it went pretty well. Afterward we took him for his first little jaunt around the neighborhood. He really enjoyed being carried more than being in the stroller but the important thing is that he was outside.

It was also a special week because we figured out a kink in the cloth diapers and have now perfected the system:). Julian is such a heavy wetter he peed through everything, including disposables but it was getting so frustrating to change his outfit all the time because he was wet. But we did some investigating and then some experiments and now he could probably go 10 hours without getting wet. Yay!!! Which was even better news because we had just bought a bunch more (my favorite is snow cheetah that Julian is modeling here).

His eyes also changed color yesterday and today to brown. I'm sure that they will keep changing but it is just so exciting that he is growing and changing so much. We are living through school and work and parenting barely. Mostly we pray and hope for the night that Julian gets up once or twice, we are sure it is coming soon. Sleep! Glorious sleep!! In the mean time we will continue to live off of smiles...


  1. It was so fun to see you and Aaron together at church with your not so little baby! You guys might feel like you are barely surviving but from an outsiders point of view I think you are doing a great job, so keep up the great work and give a hollar if you need anything.. I mean it, anything...

    ps. Sam always has something nice to say about Aaron, thanks for letting him leave every Wednesday (and more) for scouts and YM.

  2. Julia, you must teach us everything you know about cloth diapers. My wife is really interested in it. Also, you must share your tips with me for surviving law school with a new born!

  3. You guys are doing awesome, great job on the cloth diapers too. :)
    ps. The sleep will come, slowly, but surely...oh and it is soo marvelous!!

  4. Hey Brian, I would love to tell you everything I know about cloth diapers!!!