Sunday, January 30, 2011

This year I started out with two resolutions. One was to exercise five times a week and the other was to write in my journal at least once a week. At this point I have exercised once so far but I have written in my journal almost every week. Which was really a great accomplishment for me, because I have been doing it about once a year for like five years. The moral of the story for me besides forgetting about exercising, is that I am going to make one goal a month. That is my new years resolution. I haven't thought of one for this month yet, but it might be exercise once a week... and then I will go from there. The nice thing is that setting realistic goals gives me a real sense of accomplishment. That is especially nice when life seems a little upside down. Speaking of, I have not given up on sewing although I probably should for now. I had random projects all around the house so I decided to clean up and consolidate in the actual sewing box. In the process I found more projects and some fun fabric. Here is the latest craft project. I saw the tie on Etsy and knew I had to do one for Julian:

More exciting stuff is that Aaron went ice fishing. Lucky for both of us he didn't catch any fish but the lake was gorgeous!

Here are some more pictures of Julian. He is so cute. He is talking even more now. He does these little coos and chuckles and he is learning how to do the cutest high pitched squeals. The neatest thing is that today he really discovered that his hand works as a great binkey. He has been going at it! The best part is that it doesn't fall out no matter how hard he sucks. From the looks of it he is going to be a lefty like his dad:) Here he is, just looking shamelessly cute...

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