Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween # 2

Happy Halloween (a couple days later:).  Halloween night was so much fun!  This year we had so much fun decorating and carving our pumpkins and going trick or treating!
Here's Julian scooping out the goop of his little pumpkin:)

And some front porch decorations:

 I have been pretty unmotivated and tired lately and a couple of weeks ago we realized we had no costumed figured out yet.  Which is kind of crazy because sometimes we will work on them for like two months ahead of time.  Anyway we finally came up with Captain America for Julian and then after that we realized how easy it would be to put together costumes for the Black Widow and Tony Stark.  I thought it would be funny to be a 7 months pregnant Black Widow and all I had to do was wear a black shirt, pants, and boots and then I made a belt from stuff left over stuff from last year.   Yay for a free costume!  Then for Aaron's he just made the heart generator thing with some LED lights and then I sewed Julian's costume together.  Here we are as the Avengers!

I think it was by far our cheapest Halloween costumes ever:)  Everyone in the world loved Aaron's costume and he got stopped all night so people could tell him how cool his costume was.  An added unintended bonus was that his lights were so bright it was like having a huge flash light out the entire time we were trick or treating so we always had tons of light wherever we were;) Of course no one could tell who I was but I still had fun dressing up! Trick or treating was awesome and we got to meet a lot of people in our neighborhood that we have never seen before.  I love how much people decorate and do fun things just so the kids can have such a great time.  It is such a fun community time and makes me love our neighborhood even more. People even had bonfires where you could roast marshmallows, one house was making home made donuts on the front lawn to give out, we got scones, and at the end of the night we hung out at one place eating hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy and drinking home made root beer. It was so awesome!  It was also so fun to walk around and see the streets covered with children dressed up in the cutest costumes going door to door.  By the end of the night Julian really had things figured out.  First of all he managed to hold onto his shield the whole night and would not let go of his candy bag for anything (no matter how heavy it got).  So he would walk up to the door and knock on it with his shield and then he would plop his big old bag of candy down on the ground so that the person handing out candy could drop the candy into his bag. He also started saying "tricker."  It was so cute...  Here's Julian getting his tricker on:

So he has tons of candy now but fortunately a lot of people gave out fruit snacks and twizzlers (which I don't really consider to be very candyesk) and I have been mainly giving him those when he starts begging for something from the candy bag he worked so hard to get. Here we are going  over all the loot after a hard nights work:

Earlier this month we had an iron chef with a bunch of friends where we made homemade pizzas and everyone brought lots of different toppings. It was so fun but especially for Julian.  Everyone is always so sweet to him and he always has such a blast.  I thought this pic of him holding the 7-up was like the cutest thing I have ever seen.  Don't worry that's not his, Julian is not even allowed to drink soda but I thought it was so cute!!

Although Halloween was such a fun holiday our thoughts and prayers have constantly been for the people in the East Coast, especially my brother and his family who are still without power.  I feel so blessed that we could have such a wonderful holiday but am staggered by the huge contrast between our holiday and theirs.  God bless the East Coast and may they be able to get things back in order so everyone can have the things that they need.


  1. Oh man, I LOVE your costumes! So simple and easy and well done! By the way, Julian is so dang cute and such a boy with all his rough housing.

  2. OK. The sentence by which I was MOST blown away in this post is "and then I sewed Julian's costume together." Just like that. Like it's NBD! She's smart, she's talented, she cooks, she bakes, she lawyer-ates... She's Julia, supermom and maker of costumes!

  3. Awww you make me miss the neighborhood so much! I love what you have done with the house. Beautiful!

  4. He is so cute!! I love checking your blog. I agree that Halloween away from the college town is a totally different experience.

  5. Cute pics! I love the costumes. Jack's new haircut is so cute. He looks like such a little man now.