Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall is here

Vegetable art. Just an additional reason not to thin out your carrots;0

Last weekend was general conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and it was wonderful! I love to hear the uplifting and insightful messages every six months and this conference was no different. I am so grateful for inspired leaders and their messages that comfort. My favorite talk was by Elder Cook. He talked about people who have hard times, who do what is right but still have hard times and unfulfilled potential. It is crazy to think of how fortunate we are, and then of all the people around the world who simply must struggle to survive, or anyone who suffers from disappointment or failure. We will all have the opportunity to live our dreams in the next life, if not this one. It was such a sweet message.

Since conference we have been braving the 40 degree drop in the weather and surprising enough so did the garden! We still have all of our veggies growing. I can't believe how long the growing season has been going. Apart from that Julian and I have been under the weather this last week. He has so many teeth that have been coming in, and has been having such a hard time at night and during the day. It makes me tired just thinking of it. But he has four teeth on top and four on the bottom. He also is so close to walking, he stands up all the time, and then squats down to pick up stuff and then stands back up. He also took TWO steps today! His arms must be growing about an inch a day. That is probably impossible but I think his reach does grow at least that much every day. Needless to say, things are messy and he is finally able to pull books of the top shelf (the last sanctuary:). He also has been playing ball with us by rolling it back when we roll it to him and he looks to have the makings of a proficient bowler. Apart from that he is a joy to be with and to watch as he tries to pick up everything in the house.

We had a lot of tp around the house for runny noses and for Julian's entertainment.

Here's Julian playing with uncle Erik's football while we eat some scones. We are loving the fall weather and don't know what we are going to do without spending so much time out of doors.


  1. Wow, what an active guy. And I am surprised your garden is still producing! Do you have more plans for what to do with all of your food?

  2. Hey Merry. I have just recently discovered how yummy tomato soup is so I think I will be making and freezing more of that with all the tomatoes, and then then freezing carrots and zuchinni. We have been eating everything else as it comes. Our fridge is a big muddy disaster though:)

  3. Do you have a way of maximizing your freezer space? It's awesome that you've been doing so much canning and freezing so you can take advantage of your garden all year round.

  4. Ahhh, I knew he'd start walking soon!

    Your carrots are in love! Hugging!

  5. i could be crazy, but if you look at that carrot just right, it's an angry dude with a big snake over his shoulder....or i need sleep. both possible.

  6. So really I just use the push and shove technique:) But besides that I have putting everything in those quart sized freezer bags and then I lay them on their side and get them as flat as I can and freeze them like that. They get pretty small that way and I can stack a lot of stuff.