Sunday, July 3, 2011


It is late on Sunday evening. Today we got to see Amber and Jared's beautiful little girl get blessed. And then we came home and ate dinner with family and watched a slide show from my sister's recent vacation to San Francisco. So much fun but now I can barely keep my eyes open, but before I go to sleep I had to write down that Julian cut a tooth today. Aaron noticed it during sacrament meeting and I had to keep from yelling "what!" I can't believe that he is growing up so fast. I have heard a lot of scary stuff about babies getting their teeth in so I was sure I would know it was happening but it just happened and I didn't even know about it. Next up I am sure he will be dangling my car keys in front of my face, ready to take the family car for a spin. Apart from that he is trying to crawl all the time now and he also likes to climb up stuff like his crib bars and his little bouncer. I am so excited but also fearful for what lays ahead when this kid really gets mobile. Anyway, I feel super blessed to have such a beautiful little baby boy and for my husband, and my family, and my sweet friends.

-Happy Fourth of July and yay for this great country.

On an aside, the fourth always makes me think of my grandpa who passed away a few years ago. He was so patriotic and every fast Sunday before fourth of July he would bare his testimony about how God raised up this country so that the gospel could be restored. He would just stand up in his seat and yell it out so that everyone could hear him because he had MS and couldn't walk up to the front. But he always sounded so sure and I know that he was because he was the real deal. He fought as a marine in world war two and was part of the marines who went to Iwojima. He went there ready to die for freedom, for his family and his country, and most of the people that he went there with did. I always think about him and his sacrifice on the first Sunday of July because he always shared his testimony. It makes me think about for one day of the year what I take for granted all the rest, that he was willing to die for me to be free, to have all that I have, and that so many people have died. This gift of freedom to me is truly precious. Thank you Grandpa George:)


  1. Oh I miss Grandpa. One of my favorite things about him was his go to phrase, "Well, How bout that!" and Tootsie Pops which Grandma forbade ages ago but they still make me think of him.

  2. LOl! You are so right! I miss him too. He had the best laugh:)

  3. Awww, I love your story about Grandpa George. Sounds like he was pretty awesome.

    Julian has a tooth! Holy cow! I know how you feel--I'm having slight anxiety about this whole crawling business. Time to baby proof--and hopefully this will actually be motivation to get my butt in gear and declutter our messy home! Ha!