Monday, September 12, 2011

A few more things

So I forgot to mention yesterday a few Julian milestones. First, he has lately discovered the joy of reading and last Tuesday I looked over and he was sitting on the floor going through the pages of one of his soft books and stopping to point at everything on the page. Ah! So cute! Now every day he takes all of his hard books off the shelf and pages through them looking and pointing. It is so cute! He especially loves the books with all the textures but really he looks at all of them.

Next, ah... this is the scary one that makes my heart stop, but he does this stand up holding onto stuff than turn around and dive bomb into a crawl thing. But yesterday there was one single solid step in between the two. I think he took his first step. A little later, he was in a sitting position, than he stood up and sat right back down. I can't believe it. The other sort of interesting thing is that we had stake conference in the assembly hall yesterday, which is an old pioneer building. Well it has two stair cases in the back and I was back there with Julian because he wanted to get some wiggles out and I put him down on the floor. Next thing I knew he was making a bee-line up those stairs! We don't have stairs so hasn't really been around them but there he went. He crawls around a lot and is getting through things easier, like the coffee table. He use to go around it and now he just goes through the legs and up and over the middle bar things. I can't believe how mobile he is.

Last Saturday we did a lot of canning. We canned some more pickles and a bunch of tomatoes. We had so many tomatoes from the garden and really did some TLC on Saturday because we have been neglecting it a bit lately. I think we are caught up for now on our veggies and we will probably do a batch of salsa this week. The garden is so fun, I was thinking of what a great way it is to get food. I was pondering on the fact that the price of our produce is not dependent on gasoline prices because we don't use any gas to grow them. Just sun, water, and steer poo. And some labor. But we do the labor so in addition to cheaper produce that is free of pesticides etc., we have the opportunity to be outside getting some exercise and a mental break, as well as some fresh air. All of this added together makes the garden produce seem like super healthy veggies:) I feel so fortunate that we have the community garden.

Last but not least, this morning Julian gave me a total heart attack! I was weeding the watermelon patch at the garden and Julian was a few feet away playing with the marigolds and carrots. I looked over to check on him and he was squeezing, in his hand, a humongous caterpillar sized bumble bee!!! I screamed and grabbed him which I guess scared him enough to open his hand and let the bumble bee go. Oh my goodness, I am sure the bumble was occupied in the marigolds when the babyzilla got to him but are you kidding me. That was so scary and I am so glad that he didn't get stung!


  1. I love it when babies get startled and stop instantly what they're doing! Ruth doesn't do it much now. She just turns away, scowls and holds on harder.

    I'm really glad he wasn't stung though. That would have been sad:(

  2. Yikes! The great outdoors! Also glad he didn't get stung!

    The garden is such a blessing. I hope we have our own garden someday. Of course, maybe if I bothered to be in the stake garden, I'd get some good practice in.