Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Last night was a magical night for our family. We went trick or treating with our wonderful friends and their cute little guy that is just a month younger than Julian. It was so FUN! and to make it even more fun we dressed up with our little babies. (We thought Julian made the perfect little ewok.) We have some more fun pictures from Saturday but here are some pics from our costumes:

For Halloween we partied on Saturday night and then went trick-or-treating on Monday at Aaron's and my sister's work and than in our neighborhood last night. It was so fun to see all the decorated houses and the lit up jack-o-lanterns. The spicy smell of lit jack-o-lanterns is one of my very favorite. We got to carve a few from our garden:

Julian had a great time and at first would grab a candy or two out of each bucket that was offered to him and than eventually he stopped doing that and would just go through the whole bowl and squeeze each one, till he found a snickers.

We did not plan on letting him have any candy but he has just recently moved into this goat stage where he eats everything in sight, table, plastic, or whatever he can get into his mouth. So he chewed right through the wrappers and before we got to him had some chocolate, which he seemed to love:)

I love Halloween and this one was the best one that I can ever remember. It is so awesome to think about these holidays for kids. It is so awesome for them and it just makes it that much neater for me. Last night could not have been more perfect and the weather made for the warmest Halloween that I have experienced in Utah.

Apart from Halloween, Julian has been walking more and more. Yesterday he took 6 or 7 steps and today he just stood up and started jogging across the room. I couldn't believe it. He is walking!!!! Besides that he has been climbing a ton, like in and out of his walker and just getting so active. I feel like taking care of a toddler is going to be a whole new world of craziness. He has also been trying to "sing" along to songs more. He goes uh, uh, uh in short little sounds like he is trying to control the tone of his voice. It is SOOO cute! But I love this little guy so much. He just has so much LIFE in him, I can't get enough of it:) Happy Halloween!

btw, I think that Aaron won the hottest father of the year award last night!;)


  1. Seriously so cute!! I love that you and Aaron dressed up too :). I wish I'd've known we just needed to go up one more street to 1200 to where all the fun was...

    I love all your family pictures down below too! It's been so fun getting to know you and Julian these past few months!

  2. That costume is soooooo cute!!!! We spent the day on a plane so no dressing up for us. I did want to make Ruth a Red hooded cape so she could be Little Red Riding Hood.

  3. You guys look like the real deal! So cute, good job!