Sunday, August 28, 2011

Life as we know it

So we finally got Julian a new carseat because he was so too big for his infant car seat. We got this bad boy off of Amazon. Did you know that lazy boy made carseats? I didn't... This is an incredibly comfortable spacious ride for Julian. and it was not actually manufactured by lazy boy but that is what it made me think of when we got it in the mail. Yay for a new carseat!

I have also been making some clothes for Julian for the Mountain Man Rendezvous. These were patterns I made up with as little fabric as humanly possible. I made a few shirts and pants but this week I finished his jacket and boots. He looks so cute in them and when we tried his jacket on he got so excited and started throwing his hands up and laughing and getting all crazy. I think he is all ready for Bridger now:) (this is the Canadian style)

We have also been busy taking care of the garden and figuring out what to do with all of our vegetables. I had an epiphany this year that if I could find a way to preserve the veggies we could have free ones all winter long. So I have been trying to preserve them in various ways. Freezing what I can and I made some pickles on Friday. Once the tomatoes really come on things are going to get crazy.

We have also been eating a lot more zucchini treats, most notably super yummy zucchini brownies. Which are perfect for Julian and his egg intolerance. We also had a yummy zucchini sausage casserole and also our melons are starting to get ripe. We picked our first ripe cantaloupe yesterday!

Yesterday Aaron took us on a super fun hike up little cottonwood canyon. It was so ridiculously beautiful up there and it was so nice to get away from the heat and business that is every day life. I can't believe how beautiful the mountains are here. I can't wait to go back.
Here we are eating our little picnic at the lake that we hiked up to.

And here are some pics of the cutest guys in the whole world:) If you can't tell, they are best friends.

Ah, and here is the big guy, just being Julian and being so cute.

So one last bit is that last night I got a night off to spend sometime with some special friends and it was amazing. I am so grateful for Aaron who takes such wonderful care of Julian so that I could have a night out on the town. He is seriously Julian's favorite person and they have so much fun together! Meanwhile, having sometime out, sans baby, for fun, with friends, was incredibly rejuvenating. Yay for daddies!!:0


  1. Julia!! I'm glad I came across your blog. Your kiddo is so cute and wow...what cute Mtn. Man jacket and boots. I remember you telling me about going to a rendezvous one night. What a fun thing to do. Love ya, Hna. Glad to see that life is treating you so well.

  2. Question: Have you ever hand embroidered? And if not would you ever be interested?

  3. Julia, I wish I was adventurous and creative as you. I wish I were still close by so you could give me some sewing tips. Love you, miss you!