Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fort Bridger, Wy

We went camping at the Mountain Man Rendezvous at Bridger. This was our first camping trip with Julian. He woke up with a little cold the day before we were supposed to go and I freaked out because it was his first cold. However, after some contemplation we decided to go and sadly he got better while we where there and then a bit worse when we got home... So I guess he liked the fresh air:)

Apart from the cold, we had SO MUCH FUN camping!!! It was the funnest time that I can remember having. We were there with my aunts, my mom, sister, brother, niece and nephew, plus friends. It was so fun to camp with everyone, cook dutch oven, have fires every night, drink hot chocolate, make smores, dress Julian in his super cute clothes, walk around and look at the fun old fashioned stuff. Ah, such a break from real life... I love it! The only draw back was that it was too cold for Julian to sleep in his pac and play on his own so he got to sleep with Mom and Dad instead. But we didn't really sleep, but oh well, it was the usual camping night life.

Here is my Mom with Julian- they look so cute. And she taught Julian how to wave to us! We have a video of everyone waving to Julian and him waving back:)

Here is a pic of Mom, Erik, and I. All looking period in our sunglasses...

And here are a few more pictures:


By the way, we thought that Julian made the perfect little mountain man. So much though that he had a little black whisker growing out of his ear. Isn't he a little young for whiskers?...;0
It is so nice to take a break at Bridger and it was so awesome to spend time with family. Made even better by the appearance of my bro. Yay for miracles in September!!

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