Monday, August 22, 2011

Fun in the sun #2

Julian and I took our first trip on the plane together with Gramma this last weekend (nine months may not be the optimal age to do that with a baby, think Tasmanian devil). After all the junk we have been doing I was dying to spend sometime relaxing on the beach and so after lots of wonderful happen stances my mom and I flew down to my bros for the weekend. We had so much fun but I was so bummed that Aaron was not there with us. Fortunately he went camping with his friends and had some free time for once so I kept consoling my loneliness and guilt with the fact that Aaron was getting a super fun vacation too:0

We flew in Thursday night and went to Aliso beach on Friday after I got my hair done in the morning. Erik got my hair done as my graduation present, and it was like 2 hours of pure heaven, plus I could not believe how awesome I felt afterward. In one word, it was magical:)! After that we went to the beach and ate yummy treats and played in the water.

Saturday we went with Erik and Meredith to Laguna and just hung out till we went to Balboa to check out some baby boutiques and eat a chocolate covered banana!!! Oh my goodness, nothing could be more exciting. My mom would take us to this same place when we were growing up, and she went to the same place when she was growing up, and now Julian went for his first time, but sans the banana. These are seriously my most favorite desert. Apart from eating wonderful treats it was great to spend time with Erik and Meredith. The last part of the day we stopped off in Laguna to grab a shirt for Aaron. Found such cute, I mean cool stuff for him and Julian;)

The rest of the time we really just hung out and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and wonderful climate. Julian slept better than ever, which was awesome (maybe because it was cooler...) and I probably got the best sleep that I have had for months. On Sunday we went to church and listened to some really wonderful talks on miracles and then we got to see Tony for a little while before we went to the airport to come home. I wish I had some pics but thanks for making the drive to come see us Tony! It was so good to be together with all of us. Plus everyone was so helpful with Julian, and so good at playing with him it made the trip a lot more relaxing for me than it would have been otherwise.

Last but not least, we went to the garden this morning and it is finally getting ready for some real harvesting. The watermelon is sounding hallow and the cantaloupe stem is drying out, and we got some real tomatoes off the vine today.

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