Sunday, August 14, 2011

Eternal love and yard sales

So I forgot to mention in my recent post that Aaron and I celebrated our three year anniversary in July. Yay! He got me these super pretty like tiger roses to celebrate because neither of us has figured out the whole red rose thing:) These ones are so much fun!! It really seems like we were married just yesterday. Marriage seems so new still and yet I know that love is meant to last forever. When we were dating Aaron told me that something he learned and would tell people on his mission is that true love came from working through things together. I thought it was kind of weird back then but it seemed wise:) Now I know that he was so right. It is so wonderful to experience the amazing excitement that comes from meeting that perfect person for you and the joy of falling in love, but true loves only gets its beginning from that special moment, it has grown with us as we have grown with it... Also, I could not imagine sharing my life with a better person. So yay for three years!!!

And on to another love, yard sales... We went for the first time this summer last week and we found so many cool things. A table and chairs for our deck, a new casserole dish (brand new from portugal), a water pitcher and a little Bridger belt for Julian. All for 8 dollars.

Yesterday we took Julian for his first ever little swim in the pool. My sister got him a little floatie for a shower present and it could not have been nicer for him. He loved being in the water and just hung out, splashed in the water, and kicked his little legs. He was SOOOO cute!!!

Here he is with daddy,

and here he is with his little buddy Charlie,

Last but not least I finished up a little craft project. It was originally supposed to be like a head board for a bed but instead it got its debut on our living room wall. Basically a big picture frame made out of fabric, tacks, and ribbon.

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  1. I like your patio chairs (they're folded up but I can tell they're fun) and we have that exact same table in our living room:) There's to much brown in our living room so I'm thinking of painting it or giving it a white wash treatment....more about that later.

    I also am impressed with your wall art! Cheap, looks good and is different. What more could you want?