Wednesday, August 10, 2011

And then some:)

I feel like I have not posted in so long and that so much has happened. I will have to add in some pics later to go along with my post but in the meantime I feel like I just need to write down what has been going on.

So First, I finished all my tests. Yay! Hopefully I passed everything and I can move on to the next phase of life:O I am so excited to be done but surprised at how much other stuff I have to do that was back logged from before. I don't know how we got in all the studying we did before because just taking care of Julian and trying to get out lives back in order is taking all of my time and energy (especially since Julian is teething and gets up like every hour at night). So way tired, but slowly getting life back on track I guess. So speaking of Julian, he is my little super boy. I can't believe how cute and big he is. He is still just cruises around everywhere and is talking more and grunting less. He has been saying mom and ma-ma-ma, all the time for about a week now. Now I know where the name comes from because that seems to be his first real little word. He makes other sounds too and is just so cute. We go to the garden every morning and he plays in the dirt while I water everything and pull a few weeds. He loves it so much in the dirt. His favorite activities are finding sticks and swinging them around and throwing rocks. It sounds kind of bad now that I am typing it down but he really likes it anyway. The garden is doing wonderful too. We have gotten some peppers, zucchinis, just a couple of tomatoes, and lots of cucumbers. I picked one of our watermelon but it wasn't ripe yet so that was pretty sad. It is so fun to watch everything grow and to watch Julian crawl around and love the world around him. Although sometimes he is a little fussy and just crawls around after me in the garden crying. Fortunately that doesn't happen very often.

Last weekend Aaron's little brother got sealed to his sweetheart in the Bountiful temple. That was really special to be apart of and we had so much fun hanging out with all of Aaron's fam. I feel really blessed that my in-laws are just really great, fun people:) Being at the sealing made me remember when Aaron and I were married in the Salt Lake temple. It was so beautiful and perfect and I remembered how excited we were to get married. It is so fun to remember:)

The last major thing that happened is that I wanted to do something drastic after feeling like I had really pushed myself past my limits in order to get all these things done that I have been doing (for like 2 years). So I dyed my hair blond. I will not be including a picture of that, because it is getting fixed when I go down to cal. to spend some time with my fam at the beach. But it went well I think, however, going blond from brown with an 8 dollar box from the store has it challenges. After I sent a pic to my brother of my new hair, he decided to get me a professional dye job as a graduation present;)

Really I feel so blessed that our little family has made it through so much stuff and that we have each other.
I don't feel like we have slowed down yet.
But I am sure that we will...

Also, I changed my mind:) Here is what my hair looks like right now:


  1. once it's fixed I want to see a pic!!

  2. oh my gosh!!!! I can't believe it you're legally blonde. Can't wait to see it.

  3. Wow, yep there it is. But honestly I bet if you had some toner it wouldn't look too bad on you. Garden is som fun to see, congrats on tests being done and of course ... kiss that baby for me.