Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our Little Hero

Julia asked me to put some pictures up since she has been busy studying so I'm taking over blog duty this week. Here is Julian posing with his new hat and another one showing off his big smile. Below you can see Julia with her prized watermelon plants and Julian is demonstrating how big our pumpkin-zucchini hybrid is. We didn't actually plant that, it just showed up.


  1. I want a garden sooooo bad!!!! Half my potted plants died because of bugs and the lack of sunlight on our deck. 3 more years and then we're out!!

    That is a giant plant my friend:)

  2. Great job gardening waldrons! And nice job on the blogging Aaron, I'm impressed because I'm not even sure michael knows our log-in for blogger. lol

  3. Good job updating. What a good husband. I love to see the fun you all are up to and I especially love to see my little Jack. I couldn't get enough of him this weekend.