Sunday, October 23, 2011


October has been such a fun month. We have been so busy with tons of work for Aaron and I have had a billion and one sewing projects for a billion and one things that are coming up and Julian has been in a sleeping funk. It's pretty funny because I heard the first few months after your baby is born are pretty hectic and then everything calms down after that and "you get your life back." I am not sure what that means, thus far it has included sleeping less and becoming progressively dysfunctional. At the end of last Monday I realized that I had gone through the whole day with my t-shirt backwards which I finally realized when I began to question why the front of my shirt was going all the way up to my neck, and then later found my tooth brush in with my makeup container. I was wondering how on earth that got in there. But at least I am brushing my teeth and putting on my shirt:) So I am not sure when things will go back to normal or if they ever will but that's okay! Meanwhile Julian is just becoming a kid and leaving babydom behind. He is so cute! He took four steps a few days ago and I am sure that he will be full on walking any day. He also has a habit of carrying things around in his mouth like a puppy dog which is SOOO funny to watch. He also learned about a week or so ago how to traverse backwards off things like beds, couches, and chairs. He also slides of the bed frontwards but I typically try to help him avoid that. Apart from that he climbs and reaches to everything, over all terrain baby.

The single greatest thing that we have been struggling with is eating. I have been so scared to feed him anything because of all his food allergies so solids have been slow going. We have been trying more finger foods lately and he has finally figured out how to eat them. But he just eats fruits and veggies. We tried those little veggie puffs, and he eats banana chunks, avocado, kiwi, peaches, and cantaloupe. That is all that I have tried so far, but he seems to be doing okay with it. We tried some multi-grain stuff I think that he seemed to do okay with but I guess we will just keep trying little by little. Poor little Julian will probably be eating a banana instead of a birthday cake for his first b-day...

We have been doing less in the garden, just really stopping by now and then to grab some more vegetables. Here are some pumpkins for our pumpkin patch. We got so many more than the first time! It has been such a great growing season this year

Last but not least we have been getting ready for Halloween and have been working on our costumes. Aaron is going to be Han Solo, I will be princess Leia, and Julian is going to be an Ewok. The Joannes had a huge fabric sale so I got everything for pretty cheap. All that is left to make is Julian's costume. I will have to post some pics of them when they are finished.

Here is another yummy garden treat. Cantaloupe Sunday. Yummm!

Here's Julian taking it easy at Gardner village. After seeing all the witches around he wanted to be ready for anything. Maybe we need to slow down on the Naruto:)

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  1. I'm so glad your October has been so good. I love this month the most! I think your baby is darling and I want to squeeze him. You should try zucchini cut in sticks and sauteed until soft. Odin loved those or cut in little triangles. I can't wait to see your Halloween costumes...

    Nice pumpkins, btw!