Monday, November 14, 2011

So much fun:)

Julian hanging out with his buddy Charlie:

So things have been a little crazy lately. We had an awesome Halloween and then we went down to New Harmony for the blessing of Kastle, Aaron's sister's new little baby. It was so sweet, (the blessing) and it was great to hang with the family and be in New Harmony with them. I have never been to New Harmony before but it is really beautiful. Julian had a great time and practiced his walking the whole weekend. Here 's some pics of Julian getting into the swing of things in grandpa's cowboy hat:)

I think it was the Monday after that, the seventh that Julian stopped crawling and just walked. That is what he has been doing ever since. He just bumbles around the house. He is so funny though. He is like a little ant because he LOVES to carry things around everywhere. Most of the time he has something in each hand and then something hanging out of his mouth. It is like he realized that he has a third hand. Anyway he is so fun to watch and he is pretty entertained by just walking around the house. Also, he makes this goose sound in his throat all the time that is so funny. He has just been talking more and more. Apart from watching Julian we have been preparing for his B-day and lots of other stuff...more on that later. Last week I also finally finished my new little nephew's baby blanket and a jacket for Julian.


We went to Midway last weekend for a night and then today we went to my cousin's funeral. It was really very sweet. My aunt had such inspiring things to say and I couldn't help but be in awe at what an amazing example she was of handling adversity so well. Her daughter that passed away, Shelly ,was such a wonderful example of long suffering, and kindness. She suffered from an unknown condition that started when she was a little girl that basically shut down her body progressively as she got older. As I think back to all of my interactions with her, all I can remember is her kindness, her eagerness to be a friend, she was so sweet, and never complained about anything. She was such a good example and I am so grateful that I knew her. It was also nice to catch up with a lot of family that I have not seen in quite sometime. Everyone looked really great. Good times and a good reminder that this life is only a small part of something so much bigger.

From last week, this is a picture of the funniest costume I have ever seen. nice Am!

A couple of things that I forgot to mention is that besides sounding like a goose all the time sometimes Julian says things that sound like words. I keep trying to say high and bye to him to see if he can say it but yesterday when Aaron left to work Julian said "see ya." It was so funny. I'm sure it was just a coincidence but I guess there is hope for the future:) Also when we went with Amber and Jared to Midway last weekend we were eating out at Dairy Qeen and Julian was sitting next to their little girl Lilly. He was in his high chair and she was in her car seat next to him, sleeping. Anyway, he reached over and was like holding her hand while she was sleeping. It was so cute. Until he tried to topple over her car seat that is...

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  1. That blanket is really cute! I'd like to see Julian's jacket too, if you have a picture. Your sewing inspires me!