Sunday, December 11, 2011

Julian's First Birthday

Ah, so I am pretty behind on my posts and it feels like a lifetime has passed since the last time that I posted but on Nov. 19th we celebrated Julian's first birthday. It was so much fun! I had been planning it in my mind for such a long time and I was so excited that we actually got to have it. I had imagined having this awesome big cake and I found a pretty simple recipe but it was pretty crazy. Fortunately everything else seemed to turn out a lot better than the cake. We had a jungle theme for the party so the cake was supposed to be a Myan temple. One of the greatest things is that it stayed up right the entire time:) Here are most of the layers cooking in the oven:

And here is the temple,

And here is Julian blowing out his candles. Sadly he couldn't eat his cake, but maybe next year...

We had so much fun with friends and family and tried to make it a fun party for the kids. We did pin the tail on the donkey and a bean bag toss and had a pinata with goodies.
First Julian gave it a hug,

and then he gave it a swing

For lunch I learned how to make a brisket, which miraculously turned out to be yummy. We also made these like fruit pops that are made of fruit cut into shapes on popsicle sticks and then my mom in law brought some styrofoam and stuck them in. I thought that they looked really cute.

It was so fun to watch all the little kids playing together and everyone brought the awesomest presents for Julian which have changed his life forever:) !

It was so great to be with everyone and seriously without everyone's help this amazing day would not have been possible. We had to run once we were done but this was really one of those perfect days. Thanks to everyone for your help and your patience:)

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