Monday, July 30, 2012

way behind and world's longest blog...

World's greatest father:)
So it has been a few months since I have been on here.  I have so enjoyed keeping up on what everyone else is doing but I have been too lazy or tired to keep up on my own blogging and the summer is already more than half way over so it is time to catch up. I understand if you do not make it to the end of this post so I will start out with the most exciting news first which is that I am pregnant, yay!! Here is the most recent picture of the bump and the pregnant face:)  This is at Sundance where we saw Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I love Sundance!

The new little person is due on January 2.  Which is so exciting but the last few months have been kind of tough with mourning sickness and other weird sickness that wouldn't go away and all the general pregnancy stuff but along the way but we have had some really fun times and now I feel well enough to blog about them:)!

First of all here are a couple more pics of our trip to Santa Barbara:

I love this pic of Julian and his cousin Asher sleeping away.
They seem to have inherited the same cheeks;0
And the first pic is of Aaron and Julian at the beach.  So Father's day was the next fun event and was great.  We had Aaron's parents and grandparents over and ate yummy food to celebrate fathers!  That is one of the bonuses of being pregnant, that I am so interested in eating and food that I start cooking like crazy (instead of just enough to survive:) Btw, Aaron really is such an incredible father.  I just love that I feel like we are such a team when it comes to Julian and that he gives me mommy breaks!  Also he is just such a fun dad and I am sure that he is about 75% of the reason Julian has a smile on his face most of the time.  He knows that he is so loved by his daddy:) Ahhh...

A week after we got back from Santa Barbara Aaron took a trip to DC for work, which Julian and I stayed behind for, but he stayed in this gorgeous hotel that I just had to show a picture of.  I guess this is the court yard where all of the rooms opened up to and like Acrobats perform in. 

 Here is a pic of Julian mastering his chopstick skills...
 Next we had so much fun having a big barbecue for Independence Day and we bought a flag to show our pride.  Julian also showed his love for the flag by waving it for two hours during the entire West Jordan Fourth of July parade!  He was so cute.  We had so much fun at the parade and got to hang out with our bro. in law Rob and the cousins for what was the most comfortable and best parade watching experience ever! Thanks Rob!

 We also went to the carnival, rode those awesome horse things in the park, and played with fire...

And watered the lawn and did a lot of yard work.  I love this picture of Julian helping.  He looks cool as a cucumber:)

We also enjoyed the lovely view and a small hike at Silver lake (near Brighton) and had a wonderful picnic and fed the so friendly squirrels until we realized they were probably going to start attacking us.  Julian totally loved the squirrels. You can see a little baby bump here.

We also celebrated our Fourth wedding anniversary.  We went and saw the play at Sundance and hung out (without Julian) and we went to the temple.  It was so nice to think about being there when we first got married and how I actually love Aaron even more now although I already loved him a lot when we got married:)

After that the next monumental thing that happened was that I made homemade bagels!  They were so yummy! You can get the recipe here.  I though that they turned out really well and ate four to start out.  Yum.  The comments had some helpful tips too.

So after being busy doing all kinds of stuff all we wanted to to do was nothing on the 24th and we worked on the house all day!  But we got these uppers installed finally, all of them!  And I think the kitchen is really starting to feel like a kitchen now and that it kind of makes the house feel more like a home.

Aaron also put the old cabinets up in the garage.  Which can I just say that I am more impressed daily by his handy man skills.  We also discovered chalk board paint and that is a chalk domino in the background.

Last but not least we had so much fun with our wonderful friends last night at the "Olympics Iron Chef." We watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics and shared wonderful Olympic inspired food.  Julian had such a blast and everyone was SOOOO sweet to him, he was the happiest baby ever!  Sadly he came home with something a little extra that he got towards the end of the night.  He was running, tripped and fell on a stool bar and got a goose egg the size of a golf ball on his forehead.  Ahhh! Heart attack! Of course he stopped crying after a minute and a cookie but it was so scary to think if anything worse could be wrong than the goose egg. We called the pediatrician and had some professional opinions and then just watched him till late in the night until we felt like he really was okay. So he went to sleep so late but he woke up this morning a happy baby and his bump was way flatter. 

My little Frankenstein:(

Besides getting a big bump on his forehead Julian has had many other wonderful moments and milestones:  he can stack toast (which is a relief because I don't think he will ever stack his blocks); his forward throw is greatly improving; he has amazing cell phone conversations where he laughs his head off; he can pretty much completely feed himself; he gets in his high chair, stroller, and car seat by himself which is really helpful to me; he helps me clean up stuff and put things away; he also has mastered the ewok language, which is so cute but ah, someday the words will come:)  Mostly we just love this kid to death!


  1. Yay to everything especially the baby news! So happy for you guys.

    1. Thanks!! I love to see the pictures of your new beautiful little girl and your family!

  2. SO excited you are expecting!! Congratulations!

    And your kitchen is just beautiful :).

    I've missed you! You should come to the sept book club... even though we are so far away from where you live now. Come!

    1. Thank you so much Carly! I hope to make it if we are in town. It is always so worth the trip!

  3. WHAT?! Another cute baby?! Awe I'm so happy for you guys!!

    We should play sometime!

    1. Thanks so much! We totally need too. I'm sorry we haven't yet. We need to meet your little boys!

  4. I think one of the things Utah does really well is the 4th of July. We've decided that we're not going home at Christmas anymore, now we'll be going home for the 4th:)

    And I really like your hair.........and CONGRATS ON THE NEW BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Awesome! You are so nice about my hair:) Thanks!!

  5. Congratulations!!! You are due a week ahead of me!

    I really like the idea that you had to put the old cabinets in the garage. That's a great way to use them, and you ALWAYS need more space in the garage.

    1. Thanks!!! We are pretty excited for a new baby:)

  6. Congrats on baby #2 and your house looks awesome! We will definitely have to stop by on our next visit!

  7. Hey Kara! Thanks so much! We miss you guys!