Thursday, June 7, 2012

Great Getaway:)

For memorial day we went down to Santa Barbara to see my brother get married to my new sister in law Meredith!  They are such the perfect couple and it really was an absolutely beautiful and wonderful occasion that had me close to tears the whole time.  Meredith looked so beautiful and Erik looked so happy.  Hm, it was just perfect.  Also their cute little baby could not be any cuter but I have to high jack Aaron's phone so I can get those pictures. Apart from their wedding we got to hang out with fam in an inn that reminded me of the Indiana Jones ride that was maybe like a 100 feet from the beach.  
Here is our fam pic in the Indy hotel:) 

If that is not wonderful I don't know what is.  The best part is that being the ole parents that we are, Aaron and I spent most of our time, just relaxing.  It was so nice to take it easy and hang out with my loved ones especially because we live so far away from each other.  Aaron and Julian loved to play in the water.  I didn't know what Julian would do at the beach with his legs working but all he did was make a bee-line for the water.  He really loves water and he really loves the beach.  It was so cute to watch him and Aaron play together.  I couldn't help thinking what a lucky kid he is to have the coolest, funnest dad in the whole world:)
Here is a pic of Julian and his cutie cousin Asher:
After being back we have tried to make some plans about getting the house into shape but Aaron was gone to DC last weekend so we have not been able to go crazy yet:)  Here is a pic of a few changes we have done though. This is the kitchen as it currently stands.  We still have to paint the ceiling, the rest of the walls, finish the island, put in the uppers, a back splash, and the pendant lights, as well as the doors for the pantry, and the base boards... almost there:) but that is the floor that we put in the living room and kitchen and the living room that we painted blue. As well as the lower cabinets and counter top that we have put in and our raised ceiling!

Julian just continues to surprise me.  Lately he has hit his "able to get into the refrigerator by himself" mile stone:)  Which comes with the joys of chasing Julian around the house while he is clutching cucumbers, potatoes, or ketchup packets and trying to figure out how to keep the door shut.  Extra large belt to go around it ??? or what?  He also did the cutest thing yesterday.  We went out for Chinese food and they put two packets of chop sticks down on the table for us.  Aaron prefers a fork and I grabbed one of the things of chopsticks.  Next thing Julian is pointing to the other one and doing his give it to me now chatter and so I handed them to him.  So he takes them out and puts the two of the them together and starts to eat with them.  He couldn't get them to separate and come together with one hand but he actually looked he was using them.  It was so cute.  Eventually he got tired of them and started trying to poke his food with one and then of course he eventually threw everything everywhere but I thought it was so cute.  Besides that he is getting expert at ninja rolling away from things when we happen to come in the room when he is into or onto something he knows he shouldn't be:) Here's a pic of Julian and his dad eating with cousins and Aaron's fam.  These two are really looking alike:


  1. Impressive on raising your ceiling! Very handy of you two!

  2. The kitchen looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!