Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

So we have been off the grid for a bit now but we finally have internet again. Yay!! So I can share all the wonderful things Julian is doing and show the slow improvements to our new home.  Also a happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.  Aaron and Julian but mostly Aaron:) made this mother's day a really special one.  Aaron made breakfast for me yesterday and today and let me sleep in while he took care of Julian.  He also got a picnic together and took us up big cottonwood canyon for some relaxing time in the mountains and then we went to cold stone and got some yummy ice creams that we finished off watching some silly movie.  It was really the best mother's day ever.  And today we just relaxed and I got to read my card and enjoy some pretty flowers...  It was so nice to take a break and enjoy a bit because it seems like we are always so rushed and buried under a mountain of tasks, but this was a sweet weekend:)  So I feel like so much has happened that I have not had the chance to blog about and most of it is all the crazy things Julian has been up to, so I think I will list them.  They are as follows (and not in chronological order):
  1. running around in circles today, literally running and literally in circles:) 
  2. going to nursery and not wanting to leave when mommy got there or even caring that mommy was there except that the door was open and he realized that he could run free into the wild...
  3. one day I looked down and realized that Julian had been painting the wall with a big paint brush that I had left in the bucket and he had just reloaded the paint brush and was going for the next round of painting.
  4. he learned how to slide all by himself (can get up and down all by himself) and now he tries to slide down on everything, including our legs and cement side walks that happen to be sloping downward.
  5. he still loves to spend hours in the dirt and loves sticks, and bark.
  6. he fell asleep eating his dinner, we were all sitting at the table and he was chewing slowly when his eyes closed.  He kept chewing and we kept saying his name so that he would open his eyes because we thought he was just messing around but he never would and then he stopped chewing and his head started bobbing.  This continued for about five minutes until his head just rested on the table.  I was afraid he had a concussion or something because that is also the same day he got really excited and did a back flip off the bed hitting his head on the night stand on his way to the floor.  Anyway, he was just fine.
  7. he loves to lick his plate clean when he likes his food.  Which only happens in restaurants because that is the only time that he eats off a plate:)
  8. he tries to close his eyes (especially when he is trying to sneak into the chimney) so that no one can see him.  But he gets super frustrated because he can't see very well and starts to scream when he can't get in and out with his eyes closed.
  9. he still loves to chuckle like he is Santa Clause and goes around most of the day chuckling and doing half laughs
  10. he has discovered that he not only has two hands that can hold things but various folds in his body that can also store things.  He loves to put things in his neck and will walk around with toys or whatever in there and then pops them out of nowhere:)  He also likes to store things between his stomach and thigh but he has to squat down and can't get around as easily. 
  11. He loves to climb up on all the chairs and tables and everything he can get up on which is always exciting...
  12. So Julian is so adventurous but he is also super sweet.  He really loves other kids, and animals and stuff.  We have a ceramic owl in our garden and Julian is so sweet he will often take his lunch over to the owl and try to put some of it in its mouth.  He likes to share with all of us. 
  13. So one last thing is that one day after it had rained a ton there was a big but very shallow puddle on the back patio.  Julian went out there and of course splashed through the puddle but he also laid completely flat down in it and started lapping up the water like a puppy.  I kept trying to chase him out of the puddle but he was really persistent so I had to lay a towel through the middle so that he couldn't drink out of it anymore.
  14. Oh ya, and the last super cute thing was watching Julian gather his Easter eggs at the Easter egg hunt.  He was a man on a mission and it was so cute to see him carrying around his basket (till it was so full that he had to drag it) and then see an egg and run over to it and put it in his basket.  So cute!!! 
I think that is all I can remember for now.  I will have to add some pics later.  Besides enjoying Julian we have been working on the house and we got to go down to Saint George a couple of weeks ago and see Aaron's little sister be sealed to her husband.  That was so special and sweet.  We don't get to the temple as often now that we have Julian and it is just such a special place that is always like a balm to my soul.   And there sealing was a sweet and a beautiful reminder to me of our wedding day.  Anyway it was a really nice trip and it was wonderful to hang with Aaron's fam.  Besides that we just do house stuff and I sneak away (alone) here and there to enjoy some friend time and we enjoy getting away to hang with our families and friends.  We also love our new ward and neighborhood!  Everyone is just absolutely so nice!!  But we still sneak back to hang with our old ward sometimes because we miss our wonderful friends there.  Feel so blessed to be here though:) Next time I will try to update on the projects we have done or are almost done with. 


  1. What a fun update! I hope that things are going well with the house.

  2. Yay! I'm glad you had such a wonderful Mother's Day! And Julian sounds so fun too! Where is your new house??? We're buying a place too & closing in a month, but we'll have so many projects to do! I'll really need to get your advice on that aspect. We should really get together with you guys sometime soon & catch up!

  3. Oh, Congrats!!! That is so exciting! We would love to pass on any useful thing we have learned with this place:) We should definitely get together soon!

  4. Julia, I love to read your blog page. It is sooooooo much fun to hear about Julian and family. When I read your blog it reminds me of Peter Potts! See you Wednesday for our trip to Santa Barbara. Love Mom

  5. Im laughing out loud! I can totally picture all of this things happening. I hope you guys got video of him falling asleep eating! Classic!!!