Sunday, December 11, 2011


Happy belated Thanksgiving! So we had to run after Julian's birthday because we were flying to JFK to go and spend the next week with my brother and sister in law and their new little baby in New Jersey. Plane rides are no fun but we had such a good time there. I have never been to the east coast before and I was so amazed by everything. We drove through the city on the way out from the airport and I was just in awe of New York. I could feel the energy just driving through the tunnels on the way into the city. It is so am amazing. What was even more amazing is that I got to meet my new little nephew Asher Hans Valenzuela. He is so cute and such an amazing little kid already:) So we hung out in New Jersey and then a few days in Morristown in a hotel.

Sadly I was sick the whole time we were in the hotel but we did get out for one night and I really enjoyed just being sick and not having to do anything. That was pretty wonderful. After that we went back to my sister in laws and hung out with her family and enjoyed such a wonderful feast. Truly thanksgiving is an American holiday that is good everywhere, no less in New Jersey than in Utah. Oh I love yummy food!!!

After thanksgiving day we took the train to Madison Square Gardens and then just walked around for hours and hours enjoying all the Christmasy sights and the lights and so many people! We were strolling Julian around in his stroller in time square on black Friday. It was sooooo crowded but so fun. All the buildings were so Christmassy and beautifully decorated, (which was a little depressing when I came home to Salt Lake, which is only decorated in the oh so festive blue lights on the trees?). Anyway, it was pure magic. It was also so much fun to hang out with my family for the holidays and we had my brother as our tour guide.

I love this picture because I think we look like super heroes:) Super moms and super dads:)
The next day we went back for more and went to the metropolitan museum of art, which was INCREDIBLE! Oh my gosh so incredible. We were basically running through it to try to cram in as much history as possible for our short visit. We walked through central park and I fell in love with the artwork that they sell on the streets there. We walked all the way through central park to go and found the temple. It was dark by then and we saw the amazing city scape that looks like a range of mountains along the city but it is really just so many buildings. It was so cool to see and I wish we could have captured it better on our camera. After the temple (were we changed Julian in the bathroom) we went back to times square and found Spiderman, who was so kind to take a picture with us. Seriously, I felt like I found this big delicious amazing candy bar and I only had two bites and had to put it away for later. I got one of those cheesey I love New York t-shirts, and seriously, I do.

The last day we found this sign on the way home from Church,

And here is Julian opening up his birthday present, a nice new fire truck!


  1. I'm so glad you got to visit my city! (I've been living in NYC since my mission there.) What a fun trip, sorry you were sick though. Next time you go, let me know, I'd love to see you and your 1 yr old. What a cutie!

  2. I am loving seeing Erik with a baby strapped to his tummy!!!!!

  3. Sounds like an awesome trip! I love all these pictures. I really want to see NYC someday.

  4. New York suits you guys....that makes me jealous. im glad your trip was so good!!