Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday is a special day...

I was just reading through my cousin Kelly's blog and found this really neat article about Mormon mommy bloggers. You can read it here .

Julian had his six month appointment, a little late this week. He was such a champ with his shots. He screamed while he got them but right when I picked him up he just stopped and even smiled for the nurse. He is soooo cute :) Of course he was kind of fussy for the next two days but I really am so grateful for his vaccinations. So his height and weight have reversed. I guess because of all his moving aground. He is now in the 92 percentile for length and the 66th percentile for weight. His head is still, really big... The doctor mentioned that we could look up a book by a doctor Ferber if we were interested in helping him sleep all the way through the night. I looked him up after we got home and it turned out that he is the father of the "cry it out method" although he doesn't call it that. I read so more about it and it sounds interesting. While reading the reviews I encountered some comments about "the no-cry method" and a doctor Sears and attachment parenting. It was so funny what people were saying about attachment parenting. Like your baby will be despondent if they are not in a sling. Most of the parenting books (all but one) that I have briefed through are just so silly, I think most people are better of not reading any at all. I really wanted to wear Julian because I thought it would be nice. Sadly he hated (and still hates) being confined, next to me or anything. Not a big deal because he just does his thing. What is funny about all the different parenting advice is that I think the people giving it may actually believe that your child will explode if it is not implemented. I feel like I should set up a booth and give parenting advice to everyone in need. I could charge like a 100 bucks an hour and then say the magic words "do whatever you want" or "whatever works for you." Those really are the most beautiful thoughts in the world. However I do feel a little guilty, sometimes, about there implementation in real life. Mostly if I could buy a book on parenting of my own choosing it would be the "lazy parents guide to easy parenting." That would be worth some money to me. But, the thing is that I am so lazy I don't even think I would read it. So Julian falls asleep when he gets tired which thankfully has moved up all the way to between 9 and 10 at night. He wakes up and needs to be fed for like five minutes every 3 to 4 hours until 10 the next morning. Then he takes about two pretty long naps. I think it would be harder to try to get him to sleep through the night than to just keep doing what were doing. Not that I am knocking Ferber's book, I think it may be worth a try, as long as it is easy and Julian didn't cry:).


  1. I really only read one book and I loved it. Unfortunately it was the one you hated:)It worked for me but it also went along with what I thought already, mostly cause it was what Anneli and Dawn did. But you have to do what works for you otherwise all mother's would go crazy!!!!!!!!!

    I tried reading another one but it much info and I couldn't process it. It was like the writer, a doctor, wrote it for other highly learned people and my brain just couldn't compute what he was saying.

    I wise woman (Dawn) said to me years ago that you can't judge how other women do their mothering. Most of the time they're just trying to survive.
    At first I just waved it away but I get it now.

    And.........I have to admit I'm an unsolicited advise giver. I try really hard not to do it cause I now it's super annoying and can even unintentionally hurt feelings but sometimes its hard:) Maybe I'm just nosy and I should own up to it.

  2. What fun updates! And of course the pics are darling. Julian couldn't be cuter and you look so vogue in your black dress. I love the mommy "chore chart" too by the way.

  3. I think I understand how you feel. I have no idea what I should do to get twins to sleep in the night. Everyone is shoving Babywise down my throat. It is all about a rigid schedule, and those don't work for me. I also don't like the 45 minutes rule of letting a baby cry for 45 min or whatever it is. Can you imagine two babies crying for 45 min?? Or one crying for 45 min and then the other starting? Ugh. I think I might try reading this book called "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child." It seems much more relaxed than Babywise, and they have a book just for twins.

  4. I think that when babies are old enough, then letting them cry it out might be more suitable, but I think that's up to the mom to decide. Charlie goes down pretty well, but I just think he's too young to let him "cry it out" when he wakes up at night. Maybe when he's 8-9 months. I don't feel comfortable with it now.

    I think Julian just has a voracious appetite. That boy needs sustenance! ;)

  5. So true! I tried the cry it out method for Paige, and it was a disaster. She screamed for hours, and made herself so upset she was sick. It didn't work for me, but some parents swear by it. Paige slept through the night when she was ready, and it was later than most. Oh well.

  6. Out of desperation I tried to do it for a little bit and Julian was just so unhappy for two days. I gave up and he was immediately so much better. He sleeps pretty good anyway, he just still wakes up for a few minutes.