Sunday, May 29, 2011

Busy Busy Busy Bzzzzzzzzzzzzy

This last week has been so crazy. All I wanted to do was graduate and now that I have I have never been busier. So sorry if I forget to return phone-calls and things like that... studying for the bar with Julian in tow is INSANE!! He is pretty good but if you can imagine there is not a lot of down time. However, I find that I am bursting at the seems and indulge myself more than ever when I have a spare moment with sweets and whatever else is in reach of my computer, tv, workbook, and notes studying mess. Stuff is starting to get even more intense and so Aaron and I put together a star chat with prizes to help keep me going.

On a more intersting note Julian has done so many amazing things. He turned 6 months old a little over a week ago and turned over for the first time a few weeks ago. He turned back the other direction a couple days later and now he can just kind of keeps on rolling... He also sits up to play with his toys, when we sit him up and he is loving grabbing everything in site. The great irony of the toys in his life is that we have a sort of "no-battery" toy policy. This is for a lot of different reasons. We thought it would help keep our lives a little simpler and quieter and that it would also be fun for Julian to grow up and develop his mind/skills with simple things instead of entertaining him with bright lights and sounds. So before you throw up, I want to let you know that we have sucesfully implemented that policy except for when it comes to technology. Julian like blocks and books and stuffed animals but he also loves the ipod, ipad, cell-phones, and remote controls. Whoever invented that touch screen was a genius. So I guess the no battery policy is now only just so that we don't have bright sites and sounds that we find annoying and so we don't have to pay for batteries.

I forgot to mention that graduation was super fun. Tony and Erik flew in and we had a lot of fun with the family. I also got to meet the love of my brother's life which was awesome!! Here are some pics of those fun events.

Baby Shower for Meredith:) Her she is with Erik.

Here is a picture of Vanessa, me, Jen, and Alexandra at graduation. I'll have to get more pics up here soon. These girls really helped me get through school!

Also, here are some pics of the diaper bag that I mentioned before that I love. It is just the right size and all the right pockets for running out of the house for a couple of hours. These are for you Rachel:) I have a link somewhere to the pattern that I am sure that I could find again.

I forgot to mention that we took a walk over to the U2 concert. Julian loved it in-spite of the cold. Here we are after.

and this is just a cute picture of the two handsomest guys that I know at my friend Jane's wedding

And the last little tid bit that I forgot to mention is a diaper cake that I made for Amber's baby shower. I love making these. I hope that they are not like the weirdest baby shower gift ever:)


  1. Congrats on graduating!!!!! Aunt Judy sent me an invite to Meredith's shower to let me know it was happening and I was sad I obviously couldn't go:( I love diaper cakes!! They're a great decoration as well as a functional gift:)

    p.s. I love that black dress!!! You skinny thing you!!! No one would even know you had a baby! Obviously I'm jealous........

  2. Congrats again!

    Thanks for the diaper bag pics. I'm so impressed! I should have asked to see it last night!

    And like cowbell kelly said, you look awesome!