Sunday, November 14, 2010

November Nesting

There is a thing called nesting that mom's do to get ready for their babies. After focusing on school and everything else for eight months I got hit with a bad case of nesting big time. All of the sudden I can't go to the fabric store enough and I need to make things and get everything ready for our little baby.

I wanted to make some of those cute diaper cloths that everyone says you need because they are so absorbent. Here are some pre-fold diaper cloths that I dressed up to be official burp cloths:

We also found a boppy pillow on sale at Target for feeding but it needed a cover and I didn't want to buy one because they were kind of girly, not very cute, and expensive. There was a huge sale at the Fabric store and I made a cover myself out of soft fleece and fabric that I love for six bucks. I have already fallen in love with the pillow:)

Last but not least after getting a super cute diaper cake as a shower gift I wanted to try to make one myself for another friend's shower who is due in just a few weeks. It also gave me a chance to do my nesting for her too because of all the little things that we picked out for the cake. This was seriously so fun to make!!!


  1. I loved the diaper cake! Thanks so much for sharing your nesting skills with me! It's so cute, I don't ever want to disassemble it! :)