Sunday, June 26, 2011

El Don and a quick craft project

Here is my little conquistador, Don Julian. Loving his yummy carrots:)

Julian has been trying to crawl a lot lately. He is getting so good at getting around and really does pretty good at going backwards. We had to lower his crib because he is all about getting up on everything and he FELL off the bed a couple of days ago, well he slid off feet first anyway. But the main point is that he gets around a lot and fast now. Here he is wandering around in his crib...

The love language in this house is food. So this is how we show each other love, we try to eat each other.

I just love this face.

This was a two hour craft project that Aaron helped me with. I saw a bunch of homemade cute headboards on line and wanted to make one so Aaron helped me get the wood from Lowes and I bought some super cheap upholster fabric and quilters batting and nailed it all together and then stuck it behind our bed. The color is kind of weird but something about a headboard just makes bedtime and our room seem so special.

Apart from all this I sadly do not have pictures but we do stuff besides study and stare at Julian all day and this last weekend we got to go to Aaron's little sister's Anna's reception. It was great to hang out with the fam and then we hung out with Aaron's parents the next day for father's day. It was so nice.


  1. I love the Headboard!! I want to do something similar but sadly our bed is still on the floor and will probably remain there.

  2. Julia,
    Julian is so big and so dang cute! You guys look like you are having a ton of fun with him. What great parents you are! I loved the elephant video. He is so funny! I just want you to know what great friends you were and still are to us. We enjoyed being able to live next door with you and still love to see how you are doing. So glad you keep your blog updated.
    Melanie Medaris

  3. Ooh, I totally want to do one of those headboards! How you inspire me, lady!