Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Julianmania and other stuff

So Julian has been moving along so much lately which has included standing up on his own for longer and longer periods of time. Well last night he stood up on his own and took one whole step before he fell down. I know he took a step before from the table but I think that this was his official first real step. September 26, 2011. Awesome!

Julian has also been eating more of his solids (not a whole lot more) but I have been perplexed about what to give him for finger foods because of all of his allergies. This piece of cantaloupe from our garden seemed to work. Maybe I will have to be more creative in the future.

Other than keeping an eye on the big guy our lives have been overwhelmed with garden produce. The picture below is from a trip where we decided to carry Julian and put some of the bigger stuff in his stroller. Maybe he is starting to know what it feels like to not be an only child:)

The wonderful side of all the fresh veggies is the yummy food we get to make. Aaron made this delicious curry for us with potatoes, tomatoes, and peppers from the garden. Besides yummy food we have been canning like crazy. It seems like everyday that we go we come back with a bag or bags full of produce and if the weather stays fine we will probably keep doing it for another few weeks.

Apart from that Julian and I have been working on some different crafting projects. Aaron's little nephew was born a couple of weeks ago and we made him a car seat cover. It turned out really cute. They are so easy to make. I was wondering if I should put a tutorial on hear for anyone who wants to give it a try. It is a great beginners sewing project. There is also a great link for a how to here.

Aside from that we have been working on completing a quiet book for Julian. He is so active, we have yet to make it through an entire sacrament meeting. He seems to like the activities and I am hoping that this book will entertain him for a few minutes at least during sacrament meeting. I will post some pictures when I finish it.

My mom taught me how to sew when I was like four probably. I remember the first thing I made was a skirt for my doll with some lace trim. It was not very nice, but that was my start. I am so grateful that she took the time to teach me how. It seems like a skill that manages to always hold boredom at bay because there is always some looming project:) Btw, I forgot to mention that Julian has cut 5 teeth, is cutting 5 teeth. He didn't get any until last month, when he got his first one and he has been cutting the other four the last couple of weeks. Poor little guy. He seems to be in pretty high spirits in spite of it. One other special thing is that I think he gave me a kiss today. It was really sweet.


  1. I vote YES on the tutorial! I'd like to know how to make one.

  2. Cute cover! You should do a tutorial, I want to make one.