Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winter Time

So winter time has officially started, I can tell because there is snow on the ground now. I use to hate snow when it was in my front yard but now I really miss it when its not there... Winter time means lots of holidays, maybe some crafts or projects, and more baked goods than usual, maybe thanks to a bit of cabin fever. At least it usually does, this winter we have been looking at houses and that seems to take up most of our time. I have done a couple other things in the meantime though. I made these cinnamon rolls recently for Christmas and then again for Aaron to share at work. They are from the best recipe I that I have ever had of anything in my life. Not only are they super yummy but I have messed up the recipe in so many ways and they always come out pretty delicious (probably thanks to the mountain of butter and sugar that goes into them:)

I also made this little menu for Aaron of all the things that I can cook. But also for me to look at when trying to plan a menu before I go food shopping. It is a really comprehensive list of what I can make and is kind of fun to look at.

I also made these for Julian, I mean so that we would have some kind of decoration for Valentine's Day for him. I ripped them off from Martha Stewart but mine didn't turn out quite like hers. You just melt crayons on to wax paper by shaving them and then ironing over them with the wax paper folded over.

So Julian has been getting so big and has so much energy. His personality seems to get bigger everyday and I feel like he is more of a friend than a baby all the time because he is so COOL! He has been enjoying lots more food thanks to the good news that he does not have food allergies anymore. He really likes to say hi to the other kids and give them a hug, and he still loves to eat, including all night... His favorite toy right now is the balloon he got from Grandpa's birthday. But he loves everything and to go everywhere. I have been trying to get outside with him more lately and he just loves to run up to the snow, pick it up and make a pile out of it. He doesn't even care that it is cold! He runs pointing and talking about stuff as he goes along. On a side note we have been looking for a new place to live so that we can all stretch our legs a little bit. Our one bedroom apartment is feeling smaller and smaller for him (and for us). So if everything goes well in the next few weeks we may be in a different situation soon:)


  1. Your pictures of Julian are so cute! And I love your menu idea. I just recently started a list of things that I can cook, but it is definitely NOT this fancy. Good luck house hunting!

  2. You menu is so cute! And such a good idea. I'll have to try that out!