Sunday, October 20, 2013

"Happy Skooky"

Autumn is in full swing and we are having so much fun with it.  Especially since after being quarantined for like a month with different sicknesses we are all pretty much better.  We decorated for Halloween and Julian LOVES everything that is what he calls "skooky" and he goes around all day saying "happy skooky!" He is pretty excited about Halloween.  He and Gretch are continuing to play a ton together.  We have gone on lots of walks through the neighborhood to look at all the decorations and point out all the scary stuff.  The only downside to this may be that Julian wakes up at least once a night now because of nightmares... Gretch cut her very first tooth last weekend. We were at Aaron's niece's baptism and out of nowehere I saw a little white thing in her mouth and realized that it was a tooth.  It was really exciting! Now she has another one that is about to come in. I don't know if this is the reason why she has gone from being a perfect sleeper to getting up more than when she was a newborn.  But either way her and Julian's new sleeping schedule has really made the days really roll into each other and fly by.  But I remember her tooth as a highlight of the last couple of weeks and also Julian saying thank you.  He made my day when I gave him something that he had asked for and without being prompted he said "thank you mommy." It was seriously one of my happiest moments.

We have been working on the basement a lot and Julian continues to be a big helper.  I am amazed at how much he can do and how much he wants to be involved.  While I was making dinner tonight he got the chair up next to me and started washing dishes all on his own.  He loves to go play with his friends and LOVES to play with all kids.  It has been so hard being cooped up for so long because we have been sick.

Kids have their quirks I guess.  Gretchy has been clicking her tongue a lot lately and head bangs to music.  She likes to move to the music with her body as well and she gets pretty wily.  She also loves to bounce herself and jump a lot wherever she is.  Julian on the other hand likes to stick things in random places and he sleeps in the craziest positions.  He loves to be under a pile of stuff and all wrapped up in his blankets and pillow.  I walked in his room the other day to find him like this:
 I think that is his body under the pillow with his head wrapped up in the sheet.  It is always different and pretty funny to see what he does. One more thing about Gretch is that she started climbing stairs a few weeks ago. I was talking to Aaron on the phone and looked down to see her like this(please don't mind the carpet):
Anywho besides all these fun firsts we have been enjoying spending time together and our cheap entertainment.  I love how anything you do together as a fam when your kids are little is an event. 
 Watching tv,
lighting a fire in the fireplace,
 putting up Halloween decorations,

Good times, I loves these kids:)


  1. Why have I not checked in sooner? (oh right im a zombie and work the grave shift) I am loving these updates. Fun to read about and see cute pics of my kids. Love and miss you all.