Monday, September 30, 2013

good bye Septemeber, hello October

I can't believe that September is already over.  It started with a super fun camp out with our fam and ended with forever long sniffles that won't go away.  But in between we have been enjoying what's left of the good weather and spending time together.  As well as more garden treats and lots of garden dinners.  We have been working so hard on our basement and think maybe just maybe we could get the family room finished by the end of the year.  

Bridger was so much fun!  The weather was so wonderful and I had so much fun with my kids,  Julian had a blast with his little friends that he made there and just ran around barefoot all weekend, and when we came home (after camping for 5 days)  I realized that I live in a palace and am so grateful for what the pioneers did for me. We had such an amazing time with friends and family and loved the break from the daily grind.  I love how camping always puts a fresh perspective on everything and recharges my batteries.

Julian and Gretchy are a whole month older, here is their report:
Julian is almost three.  He is talking to us more about everything and always says "hi mommy" to me and I'm glad for that! He tries to count stuff and is figuring out all the shapes and colors and loves his story time! He also likes to play with play dough, color and cut, as well as help me cook everything.  He is a big helper.  He also LOVES to play with his little sister.  They play tag together and she chases after him in the walker.  They play with a lot of stuff together which is very fun see.  Julian also gets even more into everything (as if I had ever thought that was possible) and is so, crazy.  Here is a copy of a text that I sent to Aaron last week,

"Wow, today I walked down the stairs to find Julian on top of the shelf with the stereo with the top open because I guess he wanted to listen to music; he got pic frame down and broke glass; I came down again to find him on top of pool table trying to play your saxophone; he found a trim piece and some how broke it into four pieces with one loud smack; went up stairs to check on him on the stairs and somehow he found wood glue and took the lid off and dumped it all over the carpet. He did other stuff but I am just trying to paint a picture here. Ahh! He is in time out right now. I am going to see what he has managed to destroy in his room now."

So he is is so awesome but I feel like I am going through patience boot camp right now and it is kicking my butt!  He is still pretty wonderful though;)

Gretchen is the apple of my eye.  I love this little chicky.  She always wakes up SO happy.  Standing up in her crib or sitting on the side with her legs hanging out just looking around and holding onto the bars.   She loves bottles (as in water bottles), big cans, balls, anything that she can push around really.  She gets around just like Julian and we are forever pulling stuff out of her mouth.  She is not quite as shy as she use to be and waves to us when we leave or when people wave to her.  She is big enough to run me down with the walker now and has some trouble sleeping through the night for the last little bit.  She loves to feed her self and she loves to be where everyone else is.  She is still good at playing independently and she seems to be growing increasingly immune to Julian's roughness and getting to be a pretty tough little kid. Maybe the funnest part is that her constant yelling has been changing into fun dada sounds and other things like that.  It is so cute! 
Also this month I got to go to women's conference which was so wonderful and we had fun family dinners, time with family, got to go to the temple, wonderful date night where we finally saw Iron man 3, which we loved! Besides being sick it has been a pretty awesome month.  Which reminds me of two highlights that I cannot forget, both totally disgusting.  The first one is Grtechy and her Cheerio mustache. Baby with cold trying to feed herself cheerios, equals cheerios mustache.  The other one is baby who likes to undue velcro on diaper equals poop mustache, beard, and just everywhere.  Ah, good times...
We are so excited for super fun plans in October and for Halloween, our number 2 favorite Holiday.  We are going to decorate tonight for our FHE activity. 


  1. I love your family! We should play again because the little bit we got to see of you guys at Fort Bridger wasn't enough. We ended up leaving because my kids said they were scared of all the people. My poor kids are messed up.

  2. I love yours too! There a lot of weird people there so I think your kids probably have some pretty rational fears going on:) Seriously though it was sooo awesome that you came! We should totally get together again in a less scary place!