Wednesday, August 28, 2013


BUSY! We have been so busy around here trying to get our summer projects done.  While still trying to do all the summer stuff and take care of our adorable little kids.  I am starting to feel like I work at home depot because I am there every day except that I come home poorer instead of richer:)
We rented a truck last weekend so that we could get tons of drywall for the bathroom and basement.  Aaron looks so hot in his homedepot truck!;P We also started another little project because we, I mean I, am crazy.  But that is seriously so rewarding and pretty inexpensive therapy when you compare it to the real stuff.  I will show some pics soon of how cute things are getting.

 Juilan has finally entered the world of taking pics with mom's phone. I love this work of art:

Besides all those projects there has been a lot of running after babies.  Gretchy is getting so fast and she eats every, single, little speck off the ground.  I think I try to sweep like twice a day and she always finds stuff.  She also loves to get to the potted tree before I can get to her so she can stuff as much dirt in her mouth as possible.   Everything in the mouth.  That is so different from Julian.  She is also developing her baby talk through exclusive yelling.  We can yell back and she loves it, she just keeps talking.  I am sure Julian screaming in her face as loud as he could as a newborn and infant has nothing to so with that but it is fun to hear her yell anyway.  She turned 8 months yesterday and is so ACTIVE!  She also loves to rip all bows and clips out of her hair (which I use to try to keep her hair out of her face) so that she can eat them.  She eats a lot for a baby I think. Oh but she is so cute...

This is obviously take your kid to work with you day,

Julian has been so helpful with Gretch, besides helping her to develop incredible reflexes he is really good at helping me keep stuff that she is not supposed to have away from her.  It is so cute because he is like "no!no!" waving his arms in front of her just like she is about to take his ipad away.  I love it because he does it because I ask him too and it is that important to him. He is such a little sweety.  I love our little morning hang out every day while Gretchy is sleeping and how he is always looking for the baby when the whole family is there except for her.  He is getting so big and more like a little person everyday.  It makes me want to savor this time with Gretch who is flying out of babyhood and hold on to my little guy for as long as possible.  Because he is not going to be little long. Loving August still!


  1. I think Pål and I need to start saving for another trip so we can take a look at the results. I'm still waiting for pictures of the sofa. :-)

  2. I know, as soon as we get this other thing done, I am on it!! You should totally come again! It was so good to see you!