Sunday, June 29, 2014

Twinlke twinkle little star wars...

I have found one of the greatest rewards of parenting to be when I share the joys of my childhood with my children, and they love them like I do.  The beach is one example, but I can now add the original Star Wars movies to the list.  Star Wars was a very popular show in my house growing up and they have always been pretty magical to me.  Julian loves Darth Vadar and has been begging to watch them for a long time.  So I figured he would get bored pretty quick with them and then move on but we watched Empire Strikes Back together (with a couple edits so he got the G version:) and he watched the whole thing and was like MORE MORE MORE Star Wars.  So we then watched Return of the Jedi.  He loved the robots and machines, he LOVED the space ships and battles in space. He loved Yoda, the Ewoks, etc...  He just loved it and now he always requests that we sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star as Twinkle twinkle little star wars, and of course we have to build Tie fighter lego planes and so forth.
Julian also started drawing little people.  This is a pic of daddy on the chalk wall in the backyard.
Apart from watching epic movies we have been busy putting in more flooring and visiting with fam.  My Dad and brother came up for my niece's graduation so we got to enjoy lots of family time.  My mom also hung out to help me with the kids while Aaron was at Scout camp and we took the kids to the mall for the best day ever of their lives.  There are so many kiddie rides there and Grandma took them on ALL of them:) We had a lot of fun hanging out with everyone but didn't get very many pictures.  I am so proud of my niece for graduating high school and her awesome plans for the future! Here is a pic with uncle Noni.
And here is a pic of the flooring in Julian's room,

We have a lot of fun riding bikes and Julian is always working in his "work shop" these days.  Building presents or lego ships.  He sits on his little blue car like a chair with rollers on it and rolls back and forth in his workshop made up of his empty train table, legos, and toys.
He always says "might be" to every question he asks me and is full of fun stories.  He is hoping for a telescope for his birthday and loves to pretend that everything is one. He is getting so big and is growing into a little boy.  He loves his grandparents and always talks about mission bopbops.   We have been to a lot of parks lately and he is especially fond of the splash pads:) He always asks if there will be a splash pad at the park we are going to, and I say "I'm pretty sure there is not one," and he says "might be mom, there might be a splash pad." That is like his Chun Li corner kick answer to everything.  We went on a walk  recently and Julian rode his tricycle all the way around the whole neighborhood and he and Gretch ride bikes, or try to, everyday.
Gretchy is as busy as ever, she has mastered the two foot jump and does it often:0 She also chatters all the time and continues to say her cute words.  The cutest thing she does is her sound effects.  Her planes go "shwew" through the air and she loves to do sound effects for everything.  She also really loves to take her baby doll with her to the store and carry it around the house.  She plays with cars and mostly loves to do whatever Julian is doing. It melts my heart whenever she kisses her stuffed animals on the nose.  Her and Julian get so excited when I get out my wooden Mexico puppet and made it sing and dance for them.  She could not stop kissing it on the nose she loved it so much.  Both those kids really love puppets! Last Sunday was her very first day at nursery and she did great.  She just played with the playdough and hung out.  We were so proud of her!:)

The most fun Gretch and Julian had this month was probably at the fire station park in Bountiful.  We went with some great friends.  The park is built to look like a huge fire truck will all sorts of bells and nobs for the kids to play with.  They didn't want to to ever leave even though it was raining.  It was amazing and we got to tour the fire station afterwards.  That was pure magic for Julian!  The firefighters were so good with the kids and made it exciting for them.  Julian of course had to ring the bell on the truck.

We are loving the outdoors and getting very excited to celebrate America's birthday on the 4th! Especially Julian who cannot wait for America's birthday cake.  We have also been enjoying the raspberry bush and go out every morning to pick some for Julian and Gretch to snack on.
Here are a few more random pics:
I think this is a replica Julian built of our backyard "playground."

Here we are eating out back enjoying the warm weather!
Reading scriptures.

Going for a walk.


  1. I love all these cute pictures! The house looks amazing and the kids are growing like crazy!! Im excited to come up this week. Will I get to see you guys?

    1. Thank you so much! Yes. I think so. We are coming up for the breakfast and parade on the Fourth so we should see you then.