Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy Fourth!

The Fourth of July was such a wonderful day! Julian loves to prepare parties so we prepared in advance to have a birthday party for America.  We bought paper lanterns and did a lot of treat making and baking the day before. Julian is always such a great helper with any treat making.

And here is a pic of how our America flag strawberries turned out:
We started out with a lot more but I thought I should try one and they ended up being super good.  I didn't stop eating them till Julian was like, "no mom, the America flag is for tomorrow, for the party!"

We also had to run to the fabric store as part of our preparations.  I had kind of a shock there.  I have not been to the fabric store in a long time and it has been a pretty horrible experience every time I have gone with my kids for as long as I can remember.  So I was ready to run in and out with the kids to try to minimize the pain of the trip but something amazing happened.  Julian got really excited when he saw that the carts were a little smaller than usual carts and insisted on pushing Gretch in it.  So I put her in the little seat and Julian followed me around the store pushing Gretch.  They were so well behaved and it was like I didn't have little kids with me. I am still in shock but so grateful for my very helpful son.  
When the big day arrived we started out by going to the Rotary club breakfast with Aaron's parents, brother, and sister, and then to the parade.  Julian and Gretch got to play with their cute cousin and the kids loved getting all the great candy from the parade.  Then we came home and had a barbecue with my family and then watched fireworks on the front lawn and lit off our own.  I love that my neighborhood is really into fireworks because it feels like we get to watch our own personal firework show in surround sound every year:) We had our friend here with us and the kids loved the fireworks and had a colossal water fight.  They also had so much fun swimming with grandma. It was a perfect day:)

Here is Grandma and Gretchy watching the parade:)

The weekend before the 4th we had a wonderful family reunion.  My Grandma connected with a long lost brother and it was a very sweet and exciting occasion.  So much of the family showed up to meet him, I didn't even know them, and it was so awesome to see everyone and to meet her brother. 

My aunt also brought some fun family pics that she had found and I got to see this pic of my brothers, me, and some of our cousins.

Apart from all the fun we have been having Gretch and Julian continue to be wonderful.  One of their favorite activities lately has been brushing their teeth.  Julian has loved it since we got him transformer toothpaste ages ago and Gretchy loves it now too.  I don't know why.  Just trying to be grateful for all the time they spend doing it...


  1. I love the 4th of July in Utah. This has been the best one we've had since leaving the state 5 years ago and it still doesn't compare:( Ruth loves brushing her teeth, too.

  2. I can't believe you have been gone for 5 years! I'm glad that you had a good one this year. Miss you!

  3. Cute pics! So glad we got to see you guys for a little bit on the 4th while we were up. Kastle and Julian were so cute together!