Sunday, September 7, 2014

Winding up... almost

Summer is winding up.  My most memorable moment of the last month was when I told the kids that we were about to have breakfast and the the next thing I know Julian and Gretch have opened up the dishwasher and set the whole table (correctly) for our breakfast.  It was so sweet and a little scary, I better make sure there are never any knives in there... since apparently they can open it.  Gretch is always my little helper and is great at getting her shoes on and getting us both together.  I love how she just knows how to help.  Julian is also very helpful and holds Gretch's hand when I need his help keeping her with us when we are out and about.  The lazy summer days are starting to end with cooler nights and we have started to get really excited for the upcoming amazing holidays such as Halloween and Christmas and other super fun plans.  It is a lot for a little guy to wait for but Julian does his best.  Aside from that the weather has been so beautiful and we had so much fun at a recent visit to the dinosaur museum.  We went with my niece Karissa, who was soooo helpful and Julian DID not want to leave EVER.  He was determined to dig up all the bones (in the play sand pit), put them together, and stand them up like all the ones we had seen in the museum.  I told him that they were GLUED to the ground and could not be taken off and stood up.  He was determined though to get to the bottom of the bones and kept shouting at all the kids, "here's a bone, hurry and come dig it up!"  He is so funny and fun!  I really am so grateful for these two little people in my life.  Gretch is the cutest little munchkin that EVER lived and Julian is just so... not boring:)  They are both so full of life and full of fun and I can't believe that I get to be their mom.  

We also had a great time at Aaron's company party.  I felt a little guilty about letting Julian play the Transformer game with daddy but it was definitely the thing he was most excited about. Except for the tiki head that burst into flames at the end of miniature golf. Like father like son...

My great aunt passed away recently and it was so nice to be apart of the celebration of her life and to spend time with our extended family.  Julian had to get a picture with the torpedo where she was interred. 


And besides that we have been enjoying the garden and the usual pass times.  Here are a few more pics.

Julian's latest hobby has been photography and he is quickly becoming the family photographer.  I thought that these pics were a lot of fun.

Last but not least, we are picking some different colors for our upstairs and things are getting pretty wild...


  1. Julia, your family is so cute!

  2. I really like the sea green on the far left corner :) What a fun and lively summer with your family, thanks for sharing such sweet photos.