Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day! (belated)

Happy Belated Valentine's Day! I hope that it was lovely:) I am still behind on blogging but I am catching up.  We had a very relaxing holiday.  Aaron got up early and got doughnuts for all of us and flowers for me:) We exchanged all the Valentines that we made and got for each other and basically lived off of treats all day.  Aaron also put in a new mailbox for our next door neighbor and us to share.  Our last one would fall on the ground everyday when the mailman delivered our mail.  Which was awesome... So we put in a new one and we love it!

 We celebrated Aaron's Birthday with a treasure hunt for daddy.  The kids love following him around while he was following all his clues until he found his birthday treasure!
A few days before that we had a birthday party for Gretchy.  We invited over some of her friends and cousins.  I think she had the most fun hitting the Pinata.  She wouldn't play any of the other games but she did love her Hello Kitty cupcakes and favors, and also her presents:)


The weather has been amazing this winter and we took advantage and visited the Tracy Aviary this month with our friends.  It was so cool and the kids loved looking at the birds and playing at all the exhibits and play areas.  Gretch got sick of being in the stroller and spent the rest of the time pushing it around.  She did a great job and gave me two free hands which is always nice:) 
Apart from enjoying the warm winter we have been working on some projects in the basement. We built a reading nook which the kids love in the old fireplace spot downstairs (which still needs to be painted). We also built the guest room by inserting a wall into one of the long rooms downstairs and building a closet. That took a lot of work but it is nice to have more storage and to be getting closer to finishing everything...
 I had to add this picture too.  One night Aaron and I were up super late watching a movie and on the way to bed we noticed that the sky was so beautiful.  So at like 2:30 in the morning we go outside in our pjs and are trying to look at the sky through Julian's telescope on our front porch.  I wish that I had a camera that could begin to pick up the detail that was in the sky but seriously the iphone could not at all.  It made me think of a dream or something that you would see out in the middle of the sea.  There were patches of clouds everywhere in the sky and all the outsides were silver lined from a humongous full moon that kept peaking through breaks in the clouds as they moved from the West mountains to the East.  So pretty...
Here are some more pics of the kids having fun.

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