Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Harrison, Halloween, and everything else Part 1

Harrison was born the 28th of October at 11:38am.  He was 7lbs 11ozs and 19 1/2 inches long.  He had a bit of trouble coming out but other than that he was absolutely perfect.  He has been eating around the clock but has figured out how to sleep in his bassinet. (but not for very long:()  So we get some sleep here and there.  I don't think anything can quite prepare you for the sleep deprivation of a newborn/infant but he makes up for it with all his charm, cute expressions, and just general state of happiness.  Julian and Gretchen love their little brother so much and tell him so.  They also give him lots of kisses, and Julian says "hi Harrison" in a cute little baby voice.  Gretchy keeps saying "he's getting bigger isn't he" and Julian says "he has a big head, is it as big as mine?"  He is so funny.  When Harrison was crying Julian said "Hey you just need to tell us what you need and we'll get it for you." He and Gretchen attend to their brother all the time when he cries, they try to tuck him in and tell him it will be okay, they also let me know that he probably needs milk or a new bummy.  I wish they were as kind and attentive with each other but I'm glad that they are like that with him.  Besides being totally wrapped up in taking care of Harrison the months have flown by with birthdays, holidays, and other day to day stuff. I have had good intentions of updating but better late than never.  Here are some of the highlights of the past few months. 

First off we had fun getting ready for Halloween, which is a big deal for us because we love it.  We went to the pumpkin patch to get some pumpkins and the kids played in the fun stuff there.

 Nothing better than swimming in corn!

We were not sure when Harrison was going to arrive but it turned out he wanted to be here in time  for Halloween.  He got here a week early and got us home from the hospital in time for the festivities.  And this kid DOES NOT like to miss out on anything. But here he is.  Cutest little thing ever. Just when he was born:

The poor little guy came out looking like a prize fighter, all bruised and swollen from from being stuck before he was born.   
He loved and loves to be right next to us all the time and eats around the clock.
 Here he is with Grandma and Grandpa who got to meet him right before going back to finish their mission in the Marshall Islands mission. We were very excited to have them there.
 and here he is with a proud pappa! So cute!!

 Julian and I like to hold him too.

 And then right after that we celebrated Halloween.  Julian wanted to be an ewok so I made his costume and Gretchen wanted to be a monkey!

After that we celebrated Julian's birthday.  We just had our little family party for him and took him to the Lego store so he could pick out some Lego sets.  He is obsessed with Legos and saves up his allowance so that he can buy sets all year but it takes him months and I think his mind was blown by the whole experience:) We celebrated with a "robot pig cake."  Which turned out to be harder than I thought to make but he loved it anyway.

 Next we had a fun Thanksgiving with our extended family, my brother came into town, and we all went to the dinosaur museum.

We were excited to have Tony here with us and we rushed and finished the last two rooms in the basement and put carpet in.  That was a momentous moment! Ta-da! Carpet!:

 And then we got ready for Christmas, took pictures of the baby, made Christmas ornaments and goodies, and made presents.  We made a dollhouse for Gretch which was supposed to be from someone who likes chimneys but we were discovered by Julian and had to take credit ourselves.  But anyway she seems to like it:) We had a tree in the kitchen that the kids made all the decorations for, we made salt dough decorations and then decorated them with glue and glitter.  They were so cheep and turned out awesome.

Gretchy's creation with left over salt dough,

And then came more Christmas crafts, Christmas celebrations and activities, and Christmas presents.  Christmas was so dreamy:0

 looking for Christmas elves.

These guys loved playing in the snow, they look like little arctic explorers,

Some random kid pics,

Here are some more cute pictures of Harrison at around 0 to 2 months:

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