Sunday, June 3, 2018


Time has gone by so fast as usual but I had to take a second to write about some Milly milestones and other things.  First when I walked in the door last Monday Milly said "Ma-ma" so loud which was so cute and then she started waving yesterday.  I don't know why the waving melts my heart so much, but it really does and it is so cute.  She also likes to scream at the top of her lungs for fun and loves to play with her little piano she got for Christmas. She holds onto it with one hand to balance herself and kind of shimmies around it and plays it.  She is so cute and puts up with A LOT of playing with her siblings who can never get enough of her. 

 Gretchen is super excited to be going to Kindergarten at the end of summer and Julian is really excited for first grade to be done and for summer break (as am I).  

They both love playing with the neighbor kids which they have not been able to do as much lately because we have had SO MUCH rain. It will be so nice to have the days back to ourselves for a couple of months of fun.  Meanwhile Harry is the talkiest two year old I have ever seen.  He says everything, which is cute, but sometimes embarrassing.  He is so rough and tumble and always says that he is a pirate or a captain, sometimes Peter Pan and he has a large assortment of weapons.  So I guess we shouldn't have been surprised that when he met Julian's first grade teacher he blurted out "I want to hit you!"  Ahhh, the terrible twos have been terrible but he is still so sweet inside of it all and melts my heart every time he says "I love you, sooo much." And he also says, " I love Milly Billy, " and calls her Billy Billand says other sweet things. 

Gretchen loves to help with Milly but she and Julian always have an eye out for Milly and Harry.  We have been doing lots of fun things together and Aaron and I have been trying to get a routine of schedules and chores going so that everyone is nice and settled and I think everyone (even me) is doing exactly that.  The kids have been having a lot of fun making new friends and we feel so blessed to have met so many new friends too.  Which helps to not be so home sick, but I still miss our friends and family so much.  
Here are a few highlights from the last 5 months.  We celebrated Aaron's birthday at a fun burger place

 and then valentines day with lots of yummy treats.  Next we celebrated Easter with some great friends for dinner and a super fun Easter Egg Hunt at the beach.  

We had a few fun trips to the beach and to Disney World and got to go with Grandma.  

Wemade our first trip to the gulf coast and waded through a lagoon to Tiger tail beach.  That was an adventure and Harry wanted to go the whole way on his own even though it was waist deep for me so I held onto the back of his life jacket while he floated across:) 

We have had a lot of fun days at the park and swimming in the backyard. 

We also enjoyed watching Julian say his part in his school's first grade musical (which he did great at), his cool presentation,  and then he and I enjoyed his schools mother/son outing at the pinball museum.


 Some Milly wonderfulness:) Here she is on the first day she pulled up in her crib.  Had to take a picture and then we lowered it:) 
 And more cuteness

First time she went up a step

Gretchy loves to build 

 Pinewood derby

 Here we are on a fun date at Deerfield Beach

 Trying coconut milk (only pretending to drink because it's not very good:)

 The city clearing out the trees behind our house to get ready for hurricane season.
Were getting use to everything and having some fun;)


  1. Yay! I still check here once in a while. Your family is adorable. Miss you!