Monday, February 21, 2011

The Big 03 months

This little baby is turning into a little boy, or not so little boy depending on how you look at it. He officially turned 3 months old two days ago! I can't believe how big he is still getting. He is starting to get grabby! He likes to hold on more and reach out and grab stuff and he loves to play with his toys and talk. We just got him a crib because he grew out of the bassinet and we put a mobile over his bed and he cannot get over how cool it is. We spin it for him and he just squeals in open mouthed amazement! It is so cute. Btw, I really am not a huge IKEA fan for but a few things but I LOVE their baby department. Everything is simple and cute and I just adore their baby designs. So excited about the new crib that we got from there. We also took the leap today of reusable wipes. Really though, with cloth diapers it is just as easy.
What a silly guy:)

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