Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Mondays are sort of lame because I am scrambling to get homework done, get Julian some extra food while I'm gone, and trying to be awake and somewhat presentable for class. Today was different though. Aaron came home with beautiful flowers and chocolate covered strawberries. We are kind of spreading the holiday out because I had class till later tonight so we are doing the date stuff this weekend but chocolate covered strawberries are my all time favorite desert on the whole face of the planet!!! It was so sweet. Even sweeter is that when I had come home for class our whole place was clean. He said Julian helped, but I know the truth;)

Apart from a wonderful Valentine's Day, Julian was being such a cutey. Here he is getting so close to sucking his thumb:


  1. That is so stinking cute, I can't even stand it. Thanks for having us over, your little family is so great!

  2. Loving your V-day.
    SO: I had no idea you were a crafter. How do you do it with a baby and school? As ever, you astound me. I am totally doing every project I saw on this page: the carseat cover, the tie... and the diaper? More info please. Do you seriously have to wash that thing out or do you put in a liner you can toss? I thought about getting green with diapers and then I moved to China where, instead of being inspired to change even more, I just gave up when I saw all the TRASH being tossed EVERYWHERE, ALL the time. Anyway, I am loving your little boy and his name. The best! Hope all is well!

  3. Nicole- you are so sweet! Also if you come across this please let me know your blogspot address. I just cleaned out my computer and have lost it once again. About cloth diapering, we use the flush-able inserts so that we don't have to clean out the poo. I love them because they are cheaper! Ahhh... trash brings back memories of Fermosa before they cleaned it up for the elections. Honestly, more than anything I am addicted to how cute they are:)