Sunday, February 13, 2011

Down Town

Today we had stake conference in the Assembly Hall at Temple Square. It was quite an adventure with Julian in tow. We got there right before it started and he needed to eat as soon as we sat down. So we had to find somewhere to feed him and had to walk down the stairs, outside and around then behind the organ and so forth. But he ate then he slept for a bit and then we had to stand up on the balcony rocking him so he would be calm... It was truly a wonderful conference though. Elder Christofferson came and spoke about families and the concern about members putting off marriage. All the talks were really very good but Elder Christofferson was super funny. As we were sitting there I couldn't help but notice the beautiful building that was surrounding me. I thought about all the work and sacrifice done by the pioneers, building by hand through the cold of the winter and the heat of the summer so that they could have that beautiful building to assemble in and worship God. Because of that sacrifice we can sit there today and continue that. I thought about how sure and motivated they must have been in order to make all those sacrifices and how I should try to follow their example and build something with my life than can be a blessing for centuries to come. They left such a legacy behind.


  1. I saw you guys sitting up on the balcony. Even though you may have felt like Julian was needy he looked like an angel compared to the baby by us. The parents never even bothered to stand up with her once. Way to be such proactive parents!!

  2. Not to be the spelling Nazi.... but.... "Elder Christofferson". I'm very confident that I'm one of the worst spellers in the world so feel free to correct me sometime when I write something that bothers you :)

    It was fun to see you guys last week!

  3. Thanks Nate, I had a roomate with the same last name but spelled the way that I did. Good to know:0