Sunday, March 6, 2011

So much stuff!

This is one of Julian's new hobbies. He loves to suck and suck on everything, especially his two little fingers. It is so cute!

I somehow got around to making a lot of random stuff this week, I think because these things are getting much easier to make. Here is my version of a hawaiian t-shirt for Julian. I cannot wait till it gets warm and he can cruise around in just his little cloth-diapers. That is one of the awesome things about them, he will not out grow them till he is done with diapers!

I also made a really simple white diaper for him to wear underneath his blessing outfit that he was in today for his blessing. I wanted it to be white because his outfit is white and also to be trim so that he didn't bulk out too much in his clothes.

This is a diaper that I made for a friend who will also be cloth diapering with a new little one. I have never made a girl one before and just had to make it as girly as possible:) honestly though, I think that it is so cute!

Apart from all these fun projects Julian had a big follow-up appointment with a lot of doctors. I guess that the state of Utah has a special program for certain or all NICU graduates. I am not sure exactly. But it is 3-4 hours of going to different specialist to make sure that Julian is developing properly. Of course, he is perfect:) But the nicest part was being able to talk about every possible concern that we had with all the different doctors and to know that everything that he is doing is totally normal and how to help him with things that we are worried about. I guess that is a blessing in disguise from his episode. The physical therapist also showed us something that we have never noticed before. Julian does this cute little pronouncing step where he put ones of his feet on toe and keeps stepping with it then he goes to the other one. He is such a cutie and he is advancing so fast. I am beginning to have a sense of panic of how much our lives are about to turn upside down when he really starts moving around! Hopefully I will not have any more papers due in school at that time=)

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