Sunday, March 6, 2011

Baby Blessing

Today Julian was blessed and had his name entered into the records of the Church. He was such a good little sport. He didn't cry at all but his daddy said that he was quite a distraction because he would just look up at him and smile like he was having the greatest time ever. It was so beautiful to hear the blessing and also to have the support of our wonderful family and friends. We had a little lunch at our house that was wonderful afterwards and we packed our place to the gills. It was really fun! I am glad to go back to the quiet life now though. I can't wait till school is over and then maybe I can just do nothing for a little bit, but be a mom of course...

Here is little Julian with Grandma and Grandpa Waldron, so cute!

Here is three generations of Waldrons. Grandpa, daddy, and baby Waldron. A fun fact is that this is the first "Waldron" grandson. I am not sure if he knows that yet though=0

And here we are, our little Waldron family...

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  1. Julia, That is so exciting! Tell Julian Congrats! He is so cute and so big. I can't wait until he starts to crawl. Just so we can hear about all of the fun things he is getting into and loving. I am so glad his big day went wonderful. Wish we could have been there. Take care. Good Luck with school, you are almost done! Yeah!