Sunday, April 17, 2011

Almost there...

The last few weeks have been sooooo busy, I haven't had time to write about anything but so much has happened. First, I finally found a pizza crust that I love. That is such a miracle because I have hated every homemade crust that I have ever made. The next amazing thing that happened was conference a couple of weeks ago. I have been so stressed with all of Julian's stuff, finishing school, and all the other normal stuff that you worry about. I was hoping for answers to my many questions at conference time and I got them. All of them! Afterward I just felt so rejuvenated. One of the biggest messages that I got out of it was the importance of service. Obviously service is important but it just really clicked that it is the key to happiness, to peace, to everything good. Service fills you with life. One of the best parts is that it sort of makes your problems disappear because you stop obsessing over them... Anyway, it was a wonderful revelation to me, who has been so focused on all the junk I have to get done and not thinking I had time for it. But I always have time to not feel depressed! There were many other wonderful messages but that was the one that stuck with the most. So after conference I have tried to apply the good messages and have really been enjoying my time better. Next, so much stuff has happened with Julian and his food allergies, eczema. I never knew that kids could have so many of these problems and what a trial they could be. I will not go into detail about what we have done to try to get Julian's skin better or to make sure that he is not getting any more allergens in his milk, but it has been a huge trial to say the least. I have so much empathy for people who have to deal with these allergies all of the time. We are getting better at branching out in our diet so that it doesn't feel like I am eating nothing, but that on top of school busyness has been a major chore. Not knowing what is wrong has been the hardest part and trying to figure out how to make him better makes me wish that I had studied for an MD instead of a JD but I think that we are getting there. After a lot of gross and scary diapers and experimenting, Julian's stuff seems to be getting more normal looking and it is looking like the restricted diet is finally helping him. I hope. Trying to find out more about bleeding on line has made me so grateful that his situation is not so much worse. Although honestly, I am beginning to believe that nobody really knows why babies do anything. There are so many strange remedies that seem to work for some babies and not for others. Sorry to ramble on about this... it has really consumed our time and efforts. Meanwhile Julian is getting so big and he is such a person already. He loves to talk, and laugh, and smile. It is so cute and we love him so much!!!

Spring is finally getting here and Aaron got the soil ready on Saturday while Julian and I sort of helped. Hopefully it stops snowing so we can really plant stuff. Aaron is a pro at this garden stuff.

I also made a new kind of diaper for Julian which is my favorite yet that he is modeling here.

I also tried to make him a hat but I stink at knitting and it turned out super small as you can see below. Oh well. Here's Aaron and Julian in his new little hat. (the same one that mysteriously found its way to poo's head)

Almost done with school, almost figuring out Julian's stuff, warm weather is almost here. Yay!!!


  1. Poor little Julian! That must be so hard! I hope that you figure out all of his allergies and issues soon!

    I have the same issue with homemade pizza crust! None of them taste very good. Would you mind sharing the recipe with me so I can try it out sometime?

    Good luck on the end of semester projects!

  2. Thanks Cindy:) He has been doing better lately so my hopes are getting higher. Of course I'll share with you !! I will send it to you:)

  3. I just found a pizza crust recipe that I love too! You'll have to share yours.

    Poor Julian! And poor mama! I'm so sorry you've had to go through all of this. I agree that no one really knows what is going on with babies--I guess if anything, having children teaches us to rely on the Lord more than ever.

    We definitely need to get together soon, and get our babies together. Julian is a master at adorability, and I can't wait to see His Chubbyness again soon!