Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 1st

I have four days left till I am completely done with my law school classes. I almost can't believe that it could be true. This semester will complete my close to 22 years of school. That means that for 7 years of my life I did not attend school (and I don't remember 5 of them). It is time to start balancing those numbers out!!! I just have one paper left and then time for some temporary fun in the sun and then it is back to the grind to study for the biggest and hopefully last test I will ever take, (unless we move that is). Julian's allergies are getting under control and we are doing better at finding good things to eat that are okay for him. One of the nicest things is that I feel like I have lost that frantic feeling that I don't know what is going on and it could be anything. It fills my heart with so much gratitude that we have made it this far, all three of us, and that we are doing okay! I am so grateful for the food that I can eat, for Aaron for taking care of us, for insurance for keeping us out of the poor house, and a host of other things. I feel so blessed. I have also been doing a little detoxing from some finals by doing a few craft projects. I sewed a few more diapers and made another summertime cover for Julian's carseat and a smaller diaper bag/purse that is easier to carry around. I think I love this purse more than any I have ever had. When I get a chance I will put some pictures of it on here.

This is my culinary effort of making bread that I can eat, aka, no eggs or butter. It was super tasty but too much flour for Julian. It was pretty wonderful until I realized that.

Here is Julian in a new dipe that I made for him.

Here's the little man in his walker that Grandma got for him. He is only five months but he loves to be up and independent. He loves this little walker and stretches his toes to the ground so he can move around in the kitchen. It is so cute!

Here he is after bath time. He is seriously such a big baby. I can't believe how big he looks right here:)

We are still waiting for the weather to improve so that we can plant. It has been a wet and wild spring.

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  1. You are such a great mom!

    I love seeing all your culinary and craft efforts! And I'm very curious about this bag you made. I'm still without a decent diaper bag, myself.

    Julian IS HUGE.