Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A little belated Christmas post

Julian in his Sunday best:)

Christmas time was such a blast and so busy. I am glad that my life feels like it is getting back into order a little bit... However we had so much fun celebrating Christmas with Julian. His favorite Christmas activity by far was taking all of the ornaments that he could reach off the tree, which made for a top heavy tree this year because we had to move all the bulbs North to keep them out of his way. However, he loved to take the other ones down, every single day. He also enjoyed running around with oven mitts on his hands, singing along to Christmas carols, and watching every Christmas special we could find on Youtube. Really it was magical and so simple to do Christmas for him.

Christmas Eve we went to my mom's for dinner, treats, games, and presents and had a lovely time. Julian loved his new family gifts and we thought he looked just like Linus playing his new little piano.

Here I am with my sister, Tam. Great minds think alike...

After that we went home and went to bed so that Santa would come and he did! But if I remember correctly we went to bed really late and he was gone by that time:) This is our master piece!

Santa left a chocolate chess set for Aaron to play with! So we crawled out of bed the next morning and after opening about two presents we realized that we had better get ready for church. Church was so wonderful and it made me wish that Christmas could always be on a Sunday. It just made the whole day so enjoyable and mellow. So we had round one and round two of present opening. I think Julian really enjoyed it.



Aaron has an incredible talent for wrapping Christmas presents and his artistic side really comes out. That is my specially wrapped present above. Merry Christmas!!

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