Thursday, April 18, 2013

Life in the fast lane

I am seriously getting so behind.  Julian and Gretchen have been playing tag team the last little while and it has been getting me behind and wearing me out!  But today is a blessed day and Julian took his nap like a good boy and Gretchy has been snoozing off and on all day.  I am so grateful for a little break;) Gretchen really is such a wonderful baby, besides sleeping through the night since she turned two months, she is always wearing a super cute smile, and she entertains herself by playing with her ball or her little giraffe that hangs in her crib.  My favorite though is her eyes following me when I'm working around and she smiles as soon as I look at her where ever I am.  I love it. I love her. And she is the cutest little girl to boot!  Julian loves to play with her and for the most part is pretty good at it.  As in he doesn't hurt her too often...  It is so cute to see them play together.  Although it is a little annoying when he wakes her up from napping which happens all the time. He loves to jump up at her and scream as loud as he can to scare her or get a reaction or whatever.  But he really is so sweet.  He always kisses her goodnight and he loves to lay down next to her when she plays on the floor.  She loves when he plays with her too.  I am so excited that they already seem to have a special connection.  Gretchen is active too so I hope that they will be great playmates once she can get around more. She is already a great break dancer! So life with two babies has taken motherhood from a full time hobby to a full time job.  But I feel like I am really enjoying it.  They are both so little right now but they are growing SO FAST! This is such a short special moment in time.  Julian has been improving on his speech a bit and is actually trying to use words to communicate more and just pops out with one when he sees it and when we read together he says all the things that he recognizes.  I realize that most kids do that a long time before Julian but it is big progress for him and I am so excited about it!  He also enjoys coloring (especially on the walls) and playing in the dirt, and being crazy and helping me around the house.  Spring time has been so fun.  We enjoyed Easter with fam and blessed Gretchen last month.  I made her blessing dress from left over material from my wedding dress and it was so sweet. I also made a bow to go in her gorgeous hair:)  She is so cute! Here she is at the blessing.  She had just turned two months.

We also got some family pics taken and I can't wait to see how they all turned out.  Last week (two weeks ago) was general conference weekend and we had a fun waffle breakfast with my sister, her kids, and my mom.  I love conference so much! It is so inspiring and I always get so much good advice about ways to be happier and on how to be better at things that I struggle with. It really is such a blessing to have a prophet alive on the earth today and such a comfort.  One of the things that I realized I needed to do was spend less time on my computer.  Not that I am on it all the time but I spend way too much free time on it so I am trying to limit that and not go on facebook very much.  I am also working on getting our house in shape and enjoying our Spring cleaning.  We still have so much work left to do on the house.  We got a lot done last year but we have slowed down quite a bit since Gretchy was born.  But we have also been spending a lot more time outside working on our lawn and trying to get ready for gardening.  Sometimes I miss the simple days of living in our one bedroom apartment but I think we are getting there:)

We also went to the dinosaur museum with friends.
 Here is a pic with life long pals Nate and Charlie:)

Till next time:)


  1. Ha! I love that last photo of the boys with THEIR boys. Having known both of them as single dudes, who'da thought they'd be spending days at museums with their babies just a few years later? Lol. And A- you're gorgeous, B- so are your babies! Lots of love from DC! xoxo

  2. Oh You are so sweet! You totally just made my week! I know, it is crazy to think about that they have kids for me too;) Hope you are having a blast in DC!

  3. Gretchen's Blessing Dress is DARLING!!!!! Good job Mom:)