Sunday, April 28, 2013


This week has been a big week for Gretchy. She has learned how to do so many new things! She is such a wiggle worm and has been squirming around forever but she actually turned over both ways today. Here she is rolling over:
 She loves to play with her toys in her crib or on the floor, swing, bouncer, she just loves them all and now she does whatever she can to get to them.  Starting last weekend she also has mastered the uncontrollably cute baby laugh-athon.  Listening to her laugh is really a little slice of heaven on earth and it reminds me of when Julian was little and what a cutie he was too.  The other trick she mastered (or started to do) is a fake sneeze/spit zerbert thing.  It is SO funny.  I wish we had it on camera, but she goes "ah-ptptpt" or something like that, and she will do it for like five minutes and get spit all over her face.  She makes all kinds of sounds and it is so funny and cute.  Julian has been such a good brother. He seems to be leaving toddlerhood behind and is looking more like a kid and less like a baby all the time.  He is pretty helpful around the house and as you can see is thankfully still getting in his afternoon nap.  Here he found a comfy spot in the hanging shelves on his floor and cuddled up in that for a couple of hours while he slept.  He loves to cuddle these days and is really stealing my heart even more than ever...

We visited with Aaron's grandma this last weekend and she was so sweet to Julian and Gretchen.  They had a lot of fun visiting with Grandma the great and Julian loved his adventures visiting with her. While he was there he saw his first real telephone, played with the wheel chair (as well as everything else), and went around looking like Encyclopedia Brown investigating everything with Grandma's awesome magnifying glass! Here is a cute pic of Grandma and Gretchy:

Besides all that baby fun we have been working on our yard and fence and a bunch of other projects.  I will have to get some pics on here when we are finished with a few of them. It is looking pretty nice.  Here is another pic of the little cutie Gretchy.  I just can't believe how wonderful she is.  Is it weird that I am already planning the fun we will have together when she grows up? She already seems like such an awesome person;)

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