Monday, May 20, 2013

 So we decided it was time to move Gretchy from her bassinet to her crib.  Her crib has been waiting for her for over a month now but I just wasn't ready for the move.  I feel like all my babies are grown up now that none of them sleep in the room with us...  But as you can see she was about the same size as the bassinet and about ready to crawl out of it.  Gretchy really has lived up to the expectations I had built for during seven very kicky months of pregnancy.  She is an on the move, grabby girl! And she is BIG! Tall and chunky:)  Ah, she is also the cutest thing, I have ever seen, in my life. Apart from all that she is learning different noises to make and has become an expert squealer and screamer.  She loves to go on and on, and she also loves to cuddle with stuffed animals and suck her thumb.
Julian continues to be a doting brother and it is so fun to see these two interact.  Julian LOVES to kiss her and play with her. He is pretty rough but Gretchy really loves it too and smiles and laughs for him(most of the time;).  I am so happy that they are friends!
 Maybe I really meant eat when I said cuddle.  She is also giving me the eye whenever I eat anything, as well as grabbing all of our food.  Like she is getting jipped or something.  I think she is really getting ready for solids. Oh I am so enjoying these last days of non-gross cloth diapers. 

Speaking of cloth diapers, in-case anyone was wondering how that was going... We are surviving two kids in cloth diapers and it is actually not too bad.  The first couple of months were definitely an adjustment with more diapers and everything.  But this time around it has been much easier.  We added a number of Indian pre-folds and covers and wonder why we didn't do that a long time ago.  The diapers work really well that way and we have day and night time diaper success! We still use pockets but if we need a diaper to go for a long time like an afternoon away or overnight we love the pre-fold and cover.  Pre-folds are 2 to 3 dollars each online and I can make the covers for about 3 dollars.  So not too bad.   I also got some thirsties and bum genius covers on clearance for like 7 or 8 dollars each.  I am still thinking about how to start potty training Julian.  He is deathly afraid of sitting on the toilet so I think we are going to have to get one of those little potties for him.  Should be exciting;P  Seriously though I feel like parenting is getting to be a pretty awesome job.  I have felt frustrated or sad in the past because it was so overwhelming for whatever reasons but recently I have just really begun to love my job. Not that I won't have the occasional melt down anyway but most days really rock!  
On another note we have been going crazy trying to get our yard how we want it.  We have been fixing and painting the fence and trying to put in some plants and flowers to pretty things up.  We also took one of our side fences down, where Julian is standing in the pic below.
This is one of our planters.  I seriously lovve to garden SO much! But it looks like a five year old went crazy in here.  Next year I am going to have to go for a theme...

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