Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Family Pics

Yay! Our family pics are in! We had these taken about a month and a half ago at Wheeler farm.  By Vel of Velvet Images, thanks to my Mom:).  Anywho we totally love how they turned out and seriously if you could have seen how crazy Julian was during the entire shoot you would be equally amazed at how we even got pictures that made him look like he was standing still.  Speaking of Julian he peed in the potty the first time ever yesterday! Not that we are really trying to potty train him right now but we are gently trying to nudge him in that direction and that makes me so happy! 

We had a lovely Memorial Day weekend and got to see the new Star Trek movie, which was awesome! and plant our garden which I hope will still be intact after all the rain.  Anyway, Julian and Gretch are doing great. They are both amazing at getting everywhere, into everything, and screaming(for fun):) I don't know if Julian hypes Gretchy up or if she just came that way on her own ;)

Here are some of my favorite pics,


  1. So beautiful! I love your kids! I want to meet them. And you look AMAZING!

    1. Oh thank you so much! Ha! I want to meet your kids too:) Some day, our paths will align again:)!!!